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Vichy Idealia Skin Care
Love Yourself, Love Your Skin

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Vichy started with a simple philosophy: your skin is a vital organ, requiring true scientific rigor and dedicated medical research to maintain and enhance its beauty.

80 years later, these values not only hold true, but go even further.

Thanks to a panel of experts including top dermatologists, nutritionists and gynecologists, they’ve developed custom-tailored regimens that offer every woman a range of care that’s clinically proven to transform the skin.

Whether your skin is affected by hormonal changes, stress or life-style influences, Vichy understands that every woman’s skin is unique – just like every woman’s life is unique.

Vichy’s Idealia Skin Care line help fight the first signs of aging – fine lines, visible pores and dull complexion.  The Idealia range improves skin radiance and minimizes the look of fine lines as well as pores when your regular skincare just isn’t cutting it anymore.


Vichy Idealia Skin Care Radiance Activating Night Peeling Care
Eliminates the excess of dead skin cells and stimulates skin regeneration. Dark spots, acne marks
This product is a liquid that, when added to a cleansing pad and run along the skin, will cleanse it of all the dirt and impurities that have accumulated on and into the skin during the day.

Price: $39.95 for 100ml bottle.
Available for purchase on the Vichy website.

Vichy Idealia Skin Care Anti-Fatigue Eye Care
Removes the Shadows from your eyes, fine lines and wrinkles!
The applicator is made in such a way that the cream comes out of a little pin hole and with one little squeeze it pushes it along a smooth applicator that runs effortlessly and easily across the skin.

Price: $39.95 for 100ml bottle.
Available for purchase on the Vichy website.

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Disclosure: I received a samples from Vichy Canada. Opinions in this post are honest and my own, and have not been altered or influenced in any way.

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  1. I love my skin soft although it takes a lot to try to keep it that way. Vichy is a great product that would help me out.

  2. My usual routine is washing my face twice a day and apply serum and face lotion. I am having dark circles and fine lines under my eyes and I think the Vichy Idealia Skin Care Anti-Fatigue Eye Care can help me out with this problem.

  3. I do cleanse and moisturize daily, and I like products that are quick and simple to use. The applicator on the Anti-Fatigue Eye Care sounds nice.

  4. I would love to try the Vichy Idealia Skin Care Anti-Fatigue Eye Care. I would love to add this to my night time routine along with my night cream.

  5. I love my skin by moisturizing every day.

    I have noticed my skin changing as I get older, and I think I could benefit from these Vichy products.

  6. My daily skin routine is pretty basic … wash/moisturise/sunscreen. Vichy’s Idealia Skin Care can help me brighten my complexion and help me fight visible pores and fine lines. I’m ready to transform my skin!

  7. My skin at 41 is now really starting to show signs of aging. I would love to try this line to help save my skin!!!!!

  8. The Anti-Fatigue Eye Care sounds lovely. My eyes are aguing so quickly since I’ve had my daughter, and some quality skincare would likely help.

  9. As I age my skin needs brightening and the fine lines around my eyes are more distinctive. Anything that can hold off aging skin would be a Godsend

  10. I try very hard to look after my skin but I have difficult skin I use cleanse ,astringent and moisturize twice a day and still have pimples on forward and temples they look like little volcanoes Plus I have fines lines around my eyes and cheeks I sure would love to give your products a try

  11. I’m really looking forward to trying this line by Vichy I currently use Vichy Liftactiv which is great but it’s the addressing my dry skin or dull complexion

  12. I wash and moisturize my face every day. Vichy Idealia Skin Care Anti-Fatigue Eye Care will help with my tired looking eyes

  13. My skin is dry and is now really starting to show signs of aging. I would love to try this line to help save my skin!!!!! Will it make me look younger?

  14. I moisturize daily with Vichy LiftActiv night cream both in the morning and in the evening. I am starting to see signs of aging and because I get to bed late my eyes definitely show that in the morning. Would love to try the anti-fatigue eye care! Thanks for the chance

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