Sprinkling Some Improvement On Shower Time

Shower time is a bit of a modern luxury; gone are the days in which all you could do was soak in the tub, with little hot water and a scrubbing brush. Nowadays, we all love a good shower, when the water is hot and the pressure is just right. However, spending too long in the bathroom can mean a waste of water, a waste of heat, and a lot of the time the kids just don’t want to. So we need to make shower time a little easier to complete in the morning or at the end of the day. Here’s a couple of tips.


Clean Up Your Shower Curtain


Cleaning the bathroom can get a little bit disgusting, but also extremely tiring when there’s water all over the floor and toothpaste all over the sink; at least the kids are brushing their teeth! However, we can make it a little more effortless, and make shower times feel more deserved at the end of the day.


If you have a plastic curtain, you’ll notice that sometimes we can get a little bit of scum across the bottom of it, and that doesn’t look or feel right in our bathrooms. However, this kind of mold can be easily cleaned away when you pop it into the wash with a few towels and a bit of vinegar, often about 100ml. It’ll scrub away inside the washing machine with no extra effort from you.


Pop Some Music On


Music makes us enjoy things, it’s a scientific fact. So if your children are the kind that don’t like bathtime, or have the inability to stay still, pop some music on and make use of their boundless energy! If you’re the type of person who relaxes in water at the end of a long day, put something slow yet rhythmic on to calm down to.


You can get yourself a shower radio if you’re worried about clumsy people tripping or slipping when they’re using a phone in the bathroom, and it makes it a lot safer for both your health and the electronics!


Better Your Water Pressure


If you have a shower box that allows you to either up or lower your water pressure, set it to high and let yourself get pelted under the stream. It sounds a little violent but it couldn’t be less so, as it acts as a massaging technique that can do wonders for built up tension.


If you’re worried about the amount of water you could use indulging in something like this, get yourself a tankless heater, as this usually allows you to keep a certain amount of water for showering without going over a reasonable limit. Read up some tankless water heater reviews to find the best heater for your needs, as some can service the whole house whilst others are better at keeping you on a time limit.


Use preparation to keep your bathroom clean and always ready to use, then put on your favorite tunes!

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  1. Love how to clean a plastic curtain, couldn’t be easier – I didn’t know that you should add a couple of towels – maybe that would help remove the creases on mine, simple washing did no good at all.

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