Routine Natural Deodorant

Introducing Routine, the most effective natural deodorant! Fresh on the market and wildly popular, routine’s effectiveness has made it a word of mouth, sought after destination product. Ethically crafted with the health of our planet as priority, routine was created by sisters Neige and Pippa in Calgary, Canada. Routine is, and will always be, manufactured in Canada. routine has a deodorant for every body type and scent preference with 12 scents and 4 formulas (including vegan and for sensitive skin) only clean and wholesome ingredients. No aluminum zirconium, aluminum chlorohydrate, parabens, triclosan, or propylene glycol. Routine is applied in the same way as any other lotion. This alternative application method reduces bacterial contamination to the product, in turn making it effective to the very bottom of the jar. Each jar last 3-6 months with regular use. Always tested on friends, never animals.

With routine, less is more. routine suggest trying a pea sized amount as this is adequate for the majority of people. Try this amount and increase or decrease based on how it works for you.

I was totally in love with the idea of using an all natural product. I’ve heard that the deodorants on the market today have aluminum which were proven to cause cancer. I’ve been wanting to switch to a deodorant free of aluminum for a while now and this was my chance. Routine “like a boss” reduced my sweating and it was covering my horrible under arm odor really well. I was sold! I was switching to routine until day 3 happened…

On day 3 a rash showed up on my arm pits and sure enough I had a reaction to the baking soda in routine’s deodorant. But luckily routine has new baking soda free deodorants and they sent me a few samples to try out once my rash cleared.

*** Side note: corn starch and diaper rash cream are what helped with the rash, took almost a week to get rid of it. ***

The thing is, baking soda is alkaline and for some people, at certain times, it can throw off their pH balance, in turn causing skin sensitives. This is why, for people with sensitive skin, routine has created four new deodorants (The Curator, baking soda free: Sexy Sadie, Johnny’s Cash, Blackberry Betty) in which baking soda is replaced with dietary magnesium, a mineral that if you’re not getting enough of, can cause your sweat to smell worse!

The consistency of the baking soda free formula is lumpy, definitely not as smooth as the original formula. I also found that if your hands are even the slightest bit warm, the baking soda free formula will start to melt on your finders. Which wasn’t the case for the original formula.

I personally found that the baking soda free formula didn’t cover my odor as well as the original formula. For this reason alone, sadly, I would not purchase routine. BUT, if I was not “allergic” to their original formula, I’d be a customer for life.

If you want to learn more about this proudly Canadian company, head over to their website.

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