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Justin Purvis, chairman of the board game, created Purvis Games to help game designers and creators get their name and products on the market. Having himself gone through the ups and downs of self publishing, marketing and sales, he wanted to create an alternative way to bring independent games and products into your hands.   

Purvis Games features games from augmented reality to strategy and puzzles to trivia just to name a few. You can even find some hand crocheted plush dolls! I had to mention it, they are so adorable. You owe it to yourself to go have a look ! 

I recently hosted a successful game night at which we played three of their party games. Quick and Dirty, Movie Buff and Game Night in a Can. 


   Quick and Dirty       


The original game that started it all ! An offensively fun party game for quick wits and dirty minds. In this game, players rush to yell out an answer that fits the category starting with a given letter.

There are 3 way to play this game:

  • Finger play – Where players flip a category card and have 5 seconds to yell answer starting with any letter. You get five lives so think fast if you don’t want to lose !
  • judge play – One player is the judge of the game and hands out a letter to each other player every time he flips a category card. You can only give an answer starting with the letter you have been dealt. The best answer will get the point. 
  • Party play – Everybody’s in the game while both black and white cards are piled on the table. Flip one card of each and first to give an answer, wins the round. 

Each play also features optional drinking rules for those who want to take the game to the next level ! It’s the perfect game for any party or family gathering if you want a good laugh.

Suitable for 2-20+ players 
Ages 17+ recommended 
10-30 Mins Avg. Game time 

Movie Buff – Finally a place for all that useless knowledge!®   


The world’s greatest movie trivia card game ever !

Movie Buff is for all those people who love spouting movie lines and film facts. This is the place to show off all those big screen skills. Do you have what it takes to prove you’re the master of movies ?

Each ”Take” relies on player’s own movie knowledge, so you can never play the same game twice. Using the cards provided, you create a fun-filles game the whole family can enjoy. The term ”Take refers to laying down at least one of each of the four Trivia Cards ( Movie, Actor, Role, and Quote). The term ”Scene” is the game from start to end. Each time you play, you are making a Scene from Takes laid down. So, go ahead, make a scene !

Connect each of the four trivia cards to complete a Take. Then use one of the actors from that Take to jump to a new movie and start a new Take. First person to get rid of all their cards wins ! Whether it’s a fiercely competitive contest with your best buds, or a fun family night, Movie buff brings it !

Suitable for 2-16 Players; 15-45 Mins Avg. Game time; Ages 10+


Game Night in a Can


Gather your friends and family and let the fun begin with this unique game ! Just grab paper and pens then spread the cards out around the spinner, which you’ll discover under the lid. 

A full GNIAC (Game Night in a Can) is 7 games, played one at a time. Spread the 30 different cards/games out on a flat surface, art-side up around the spinner then spin the arrow and whomever the spinner points to picks a card, hosts the game and acts as the judge. You can either play with a rotating host or in teams. Playing with rotating host is better for smaller groups, with a new host every game and different teams throughout the night. While playing in teams is great for larger groups with one host and the same teams the entire game. 

Toothless People, Good News/Bad News and Fancy Dancers were 3 of my favorite games to play. 

In Toothless People, players must name famous people without showing their teeth or they lose, last toothless alive wins the point. You can even make it more fun by putting marshmallows in your mouth.

Good News/Bad News consist of creating a diagnosis for the host with a good and a bad news. Like ”The good news is you’re now the richest person alive, the bad news is you’re going to jail for fraud”. Get creative and do your worst !

With Fancy Dancers, unleash the dancing beast inside you. Everyone makes up a name for a brand new dance move and writes it down a piece of paper and puts it in the can. The host plays the perfect dancing tune while players pick a paper from the can and then perform that brand new dance move.

Order your Game Night in a Can today and try it for yourself ! 


These are just a few of the games available at Purvis Games so if you’d like to learn more about these titles or any other Purvis Games, head over to their Website | Facebook | Twitter 

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