Potential Consequences of DUI

What happens when you get arrested for DUI in Canada? The range of punishments could include heavy fines, loss of your driver’s licence, jail time, and more. When you find yourself faced with such a charge, you should immediately start looking for a legal professional who can provide you with DUI lawyers assistance. If you fail to do so, you can expect to face the worst possible consequences depending on your prior record. You can find examples of typical DUI consequences below

First Offence

The drunk driving consequences for a first offence include a fine and the suspension of your driver’s licence. The fine for a first-time offender is $1,000 in most cases, although a skilled DUI lawyer might be able to get that amount reduced due to mitigating circumstances or reasonable doubt in your actual level of intoxication at the time of the arrest. Unless your lawyer gets your sentence reduced, you might be without a driver’s licence for up to 12 months. You might also have an ignition interlock device put onto your vehicle who prevents it from starting until you have proven that you are not intoxicated.S

Second Offence

The one thing that you definitely don’t want to do while under restriction from a DUI is get behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated again. Doing so while your licence is under suspension could result in immediate jail time and even more serious consequences. If you have done your time but still wind up getting pulled over for a DUI a second time, you face jail time. The second offence results in the loss of your driver’s licence for a period of 24 months. You also face a 30-day jail sentence and may have to pay a fine in excess of the $1,000 you paid on your first offence. Again, a DUI lawyer might be able to change these terms for the better, but it becomes more difficult each time you commit the same crime.

Third and Further Offences

As with the second offence, any penalties you face for a third violation of Canada’s DUI law can result in significant jail time or worse if you drive while your licence is still under suspension. Assuming that you avoid making this perilous mistake, a third DUI will net you a full 120 days in prison. You also face the loss of your driver’s licence for a period of three years or even longer. At this point, you can expect the legal system to assume that you have not learned your lesson. You will likely need to have an ignition interlock device put on your vehicle for the rest of your life.

All of these sentences could wind up being even more severe if you hit another car, do any property damage, or hit a pedestrian while drinking and driving. No matter what the severity of your sentence may be, you need to reach out to a DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Having one in your corner may make the difference between freedom and a long jail sentence.

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