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Always Thin Flexi-Style Pantiliners Review & Giveaway!

recently i had a chance to try out the NEW Always Thin Flexi-Style Pantiliners and here is what i think about this product. they are Comfortable, Discreet, Easy To Use, Effective, Good Protection. Great for Daily Use and Light Days. i dont recomend wearing them at night if u are like me and toss and turn all night because some leakage still happends. i like that its thin and has…


Ziplock Zip’n Steam Bags

i recently bought a package of the Ziplock Zip n’ Seam bags and i must say I AM IMPRESSED!! i was abit doughtfull of this product at first. i had it sitting in my cupboard for about a week before i decided to try it. so last week i was making veggies to go with our diner and realized i had these bags that i havent tryed yet. I cut…