Not-So-Rubbish Tips On Turning Your Rubbish Tip Into A Home


Even the most conscientious homeowner falls prey to a messy household at some point. Perhaps it’s because the kids are running wild, breaking things, leaving their toys everywhere, and forever forgetting to clean their rooms. Perhaps it’s simply because your home is getting old and you’ve also accumulated a lot of things over the years, which has led to a cluttered living area. It’s time to make a change, whatever the case. Here are some not-so-rubbish tips on turning your rubbish tip back into the humble abode that it should be.


Give it a deep clean.

Before you start making a plan to improve your cluttered chaos of a house, you should give the entire place a deep clean to get it to its “perfect” state. That way, you can get an idea of which things really need to be fixed around the household and which things simply needed a good clean. If you have kids then this task becomes particularly difficult, of course. The best way to keep the house well-maintained is to teach your family how to help you tidy it up on a regular basis so that you can avoid the time-consuming struggle of cleaning the place from top to bottom once a week.


You might want to give your kids incentive to do some hard work by offering them pocket money for doing their chores every day. Of course, before that happens, you might have to tackle the task of giving their rooms a thorough clean. If there are broken handles on cupboards then those will need to be fixed. If there are stains on the floor then those will need to be scrubbed out (that’s a great chore to get the kids started). If there are crumbs from late night snacks drawing all sorts of pests to the bedroom then you might want to look into bed bug removal experts. Some cleaning tasks do require professionals, but that might not be the case for the rest of your house. The dirty kitchen floor is something you’ll just have to tackle yourself after a deep sigh or hire a maid cleaning service.


Update the design.

Households can appear messy even if you’re doing a good job of keeping kitchen surfaces clean and putting clothes back in drawers when they end up over the backs of chairs or skewed across the floor. Sometimes, the problem is simply that the design is outdated or doesn’t do justice to a room. Your living area might feel dark and unwelcoming even during the day, for example, and this could be a result of neglected natural light. You should use bright colours to help reflect sunlight pouring in through windows so as to naturally brighten a room. White walls and mirrors are both great ways to do this, but any white or brightly-coloured furnishings will help.


Tidy up the garden.

You might have worked hard to make your interior very clean, pretty, and modern by this point but there’s every chance you neglected the exterior of your property in this process. Don’t dismiss your garden because it’s just as important with regards to making your home look good as any room within your house. You need to keep on top of the garden work, no matter what the season. The grass will obviously grow more ferociously during the warmer months, but that doesn’t mean you should be ignoring your garden during the colder months of the year.

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