Mother’s Day with MissFresh

MissFresh is a company founded in Montreal that invites you to rediscover the pleasure of cooking and eating in your own home by making it easy for you to prepare a range of delicious meals. This innovative concept can liberate your household from weekly meal planning, grocery shopping, and food waste. MissFresh uses ingredients from local producers to ensure freshness and quality no matter what the season. Customers can also rest easy in the knowledge that all meats and fish are guaranteed hormone-free.

Save time and enjoy healthy and tasty food with meal boxes from MissFresh. These contain all the ingredients you’ll need to prepare the recipes within, all pre-measured according to how many portions you need.
Each week, a choice of balanced, delicious meals for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike are offered on a varied menu. All the ingredients have been pre-measured for meals that they can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. Boxes can be delivered to your home or your office, and the insulated and recyclable packaging keeps food fresh for hours.

Delivery available anywhere in Canada. Free shipping in the majority of Quebec and Ontario. Delivery charges may apply.

I decided to break away from tradition this year and instead of buying my Mother flowers for Mother’s Day, I decided I would spend the afternoon with her and we would cook a meal together.

MissFresh was the perfect solution. We didn’t want to work too hard and not enjoy ourselves. We wanted it to be fun.

Thai Tofu Laksa. We had both eaten tofu before so we were quite excited to try out this recipe.


We followed instructions step by step and everything was going great until…

The instruction show a picture of what seems to be the noodles being cooked in a separate pot of boiling water, but they never mention to do so. They just say to add the noodles to the boiling soup.

No Mother’s Day would ever be complete without arguing with your Mom (LOL). I thought if they wanted us to cook the noodles separately there would be instructions on the noodle bag (which there was not). My Mother on the other hand thought it was quite obvious that they needed to be cooked separately because they would absorb all the broth in the soup.

but if we were to cook them separately, how long would we cook them?  So we just added them directly to the soup.

Our soup became a pasta dish. So my Mom was right, we had to cook them separately. But the instructions would definitely need to be clearer and add a cooking time for those noodles.

We tried to eat our “soup” but to be honest, it wasn’t very good as a pasta dish. We were quite disappointed after all the effort we put in, our supper came out like this. We ended up ordering pizza.

When I saw the second recipe from my MissFresh box, Tarragon Chicken in a Creamy Mustard Sauce, I just knew I had to make this for my Grandma. My Grandma adores mushrooms.

My Grandma watched me slice the mushrooms as she repeated over and over, “oh boy, this is gonna be good!”

The chicken cooked beautifully, the instructions indicated 5 minutes on each side and that’s what it took. 

I personally don’t like mushrooms, so this was my first time cooking some. It was quite easy, I followed the instructions and it went very well.

I deglazed the pan with the wine and made the mustard sauce. The sauce thickened up nicely.

I plated the chicken on the rice and made sure to give my Grandma extra mushrooms.

this meal was a hit, it made my Grandma super happy and I got to spend some time with her on Mother’s Day weekend.

This was a very cool experience and I’m glad I shook things up from my regular flowers for Mother’s Day. This would definitely be a cool gift for Mother-in-Laws too. Invite her for supper on Mother’s Day and impress her with your awesome cooking skills. She doesn’t need to know your secret (Wink).

Want to surprise Mom with a MissFresh box? Head over to the Miss Fresh website.


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