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I absolutely love smelly things, but most are too strong for my sensitive nose. I have a scent sensitivity where I get extremely bad headaches when I come in contact with powerful smells like perfume, plugins, candles etc.. but I have finally found the perfect candles for my scent-sensitive nose! 

Let me introduce you to Mila Rose Boutique

Mila Rose Boutique provides soy wax candles, home fragrances and bath and body care.  Soy is a natural, renewable resource which is carbon neutral and emits no known carcinogens. 


Why Choose Soy Candles?

When searching for the perfect candles, soy candles are a top choice for many, due to the numerous advantages they have over paraffin and beeswax alternatives. 

Clean burning, Long Lasting

Soy candles burn much slower and cleaner than paraffin alternatives and can last up to twice as long.


Paraffin candles produce soot which contains harmful carcinogens and many other toxic chemicals. Soy has several environmental and health advantages. Candles made with soy wax don’t produce any soot when burned. This is not only better for your health but it is also better for the environment overall. No soot means no potential damage to the walls due to contaminated black smoke being emitted. Additionally, soy is a renewable resource and there is no petroleum content in soy wax. 


Soy wax is not made with any animal products or bi-products. 

Mila Rose Boutique uses 100% pure soy wax and natural fragrances and our candles are free of any dyes, so you can be confident that when you light one of our candles you will enjoy a clean, long-lasting candle that is not harmful to your health or to the environment. 

Soy candles burn clean and slow, which creates a long-lasting candle. Mila Rose Boutique’s glass container soy candles burn for an average of 75+ hours!

Most candles you purchase will only last a couple of hours, compared to Soy candles which will burn a lot longer. 

I received a Soy Wax Candle in Warm Vanilla Scent as well as a travel candle in Water Lilly scent. 

Warm Vanilla Soy Candle 

The Warm Vanilla Scent was delightful and smelled amazing throughout the house. I could still smell it house after being burned.  

The classic intoxicating fragrance of creamy vanilla. These candles come in an elegant 12-ounce glass container with a lid.  Once the candle is finished, you can reuse the jar to keep little keepsakes inside!  I love reusing glass candle jars for jewellery or little trinkets. 

Water Lilly Travel Candle 

As soon as I opened the travel candle, there was an overwhelming smell of water lily. But to my surprise, once I lit it, the smell wasn’t as strong as when I first opened it.  It did not trigger a scent migraine like most powerful smelling candles I have used. 

Mila Rose Boutique hand-poured soy candles come in a convenient travel size tin. Which are perfect for taking your favourite candles on holiday, to the office, or wherever your heart desires. Available in many different scents. 


I love that these candles are hand poured, free of any synthetic fragrance or any dyes and made in Canada! I am a believer in buying local and supporting local small businesses, after all, it’s the “little guys” that need the most of our support! 


Learn more about Mia Rose Boutique by Visiting their Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


 *I received samples from Mila Rose Boutique. Opinions my own, and have not been influenced in any way* 

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