Me Time As A Mom 3 Proven Ways To Re Set

Being a mom can sometimes be a challenge. Not only do we find ourselves juggling the demands of daily life but looking after our children as well as ourselves can seem impossible. Somehow, however, you manage to get it all done, although it can come with the sacrifice of giving up your muchneeded time-out. 

Taking time out for ‘me time’ may seem impossible when life revolves around heading up a family, holding down a job, or whatever else is going on in your life. Taking time out for re-setting yourself and re-charging your batteries is vital to avoid burn out, and plays a part in contributing to good mental health. 

1. Go out and dance the night away 

As a busy mom, you may rarely allow yourself a night out to let your hair down and have a good old dance. Although going out and drinking isn’t always everyone’s favourite past time, getting out of the house with a group of friends and embracinggood music can be enough to let yourself feel like ‘you’ again. 

Try to plan in a proper girl’s night out on the town at least once a month. You don’t have to drink if you know it will make you worse the next day, but if you do and you suffer terrible hangovers, make sure you prepare the best ‘getting over it’ help. For example, you can now access IV hangover therapy at, which is a service that can come to you the next day, providing you with a fast, convenient, and effective hydration treatment. 


2. Take a nap. A proper one

This one is directed to those who think ten minutes with their eyes shut on the sofa counts. It doesn’t. Instead, this is aboutphysically getting into a bed and snuggling down for at least half an hour to recharge your busy mind and body.

This must be strategically planned into your schedule when you have children. You could plan this in when your partner returns from work, when your child has a nap, or a day when the kids are out of the house. You’ll instantly feel more re-set and alert after a solid 30 minutes (or longer!) of sleep to break up the day. 

3. Catch up on your reading and get lost in a good book


Reading is like going into another world and forgetting about your own life. It’s escapism in its purest form, except you choose the world you wish to escape in. 

Making time to read can be difficult when you’re alwaysrunning around after everyone else, so you have to be strict with allocating the time. Why not box out the 8pm-9pm slot when the kids have gone to bed? Or a morning slot when the kids are engrossed in daytime TV? 


The above are just three activities to aim to incorporate into your busy life, to help re-set and re-charge your brain. Think about the things you love to do or get excited about and see if you can work these into the list in any way too. Remember it’s essential to look after yourself, in order to do a good job at everything else in your life.

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