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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Royal Canin. All opinions are 100% mine.

For those of you who are long-time followers, you know that I have 2 German Shepherds. German Shepherds have been one of my favourite breeds for as long as I can remember.

I remember when I was a child, one of my neighbours had a few German Shepherds and one of them would constantly escape their yard and come visit us and play in our pool. Ever since then I have loved the breed. 

What’s not to love! They are athletic, strong, obedient and extremely smart! My female knows how to open baby gates, unlock her crate, open door knobs and will open cupboards to get to what she wants -like dog treats!

German Shepherds are;

•    Athletic and strong, obedient

German Shepherds are smart, active dogs who will do best with active owners that are able to give them focused attention, exercise, training, and lots of one-on-one time. 

•    Unique double coat 

You won’t need to buy them jackets or boots to keep them warm in the winter months. Their unique double coat helps them stay warm and dry. 

•    Extremely sensitive digestive tract

They often suffer from digestive issues and have a sensitive stomach. You have to watch what types of foods you feed them, or else they will have a very upset stomach. 

•    Alkaline skin increases risk of skin infection

It is important to regularly brush, bathe and take good care of our German Shepherds skin and coat. They have far more skin problems (because of the pH levels) than humans have, and why we need to take extra care of our dog’s skin and coat.

Our Dogs are part of our family and we want to feed them the best, but with so many dog food brands out there to choose from and I know it can be quite confusing. So, what should I feed my purebred dog? 

German Shepherds have a strong body but a fragile digestive system. Which is why you have to be careful with what you feed them. Royal Canin offers breed specific food for German Shepherds.

Did you know that Royal Canin obsesses over the details that make each breed unique, right down to the most minute detail? Their breed specific formulas are precise, with each one clinically researched to provide the best for your dog.

I love my dogs (and do so the kids), and I think they deserve the best of the best. After all, they are part of our family. 

Reasons why I love German Shepherds:

  1. They are great family dogs – They are very caring and love their owners.  Mine absolutely love the kids and protect them from everything and anything (even squirrels).
  2. They are intelligent – They love to learn tricks and love to please their humans.
  3. They have high energy – Their energy levels makes them perfect for people who love running, going on long walks on the trails or just regular walks.
  4. They are perfect for any lifestyle – They will easily adapt to just about any lifestyle.
  5. They are perfect guard dogs – Police use them, the military use them and so do families. They are naturally very protective of their families.
  6. They are your best friend – Each German Shepherd has their own unique quirks that will fill your days with happiness. They are keenly in tune with your feelings and will give you all the love you need to cheer you up. 

There are so much more reasons why I love them, but I won’t bore you with a “100 reasons” list. 

They may be big dogs, but they definitely are big babies and big drama queens.  My male, Sarge is 90+lbs and is afraid of cats, squirrels, mice, cats chasing mice, random noises in the dark and more.  My female, Dax, on the other hand, is not afraid of anything, but she is a very BIG drama queen. She sprained her paw once and milked it for all it was worth. She was fine within a couple of hours and walked normally if you weren’t paying attention. If she saw you were looking, she would start limping and whimper.  They are my big babies, and I wouldn’t change them for the world! 

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