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Little Life Box is a Canadian subscription service created by Chelsea and her mom Suzanne that sends a box full natural and Eco-friendly samples of carefully selected products. The thought was not just to offer snacks or cosmetics, but to share any kind of product which provide a healthier choice alternative to things we all consume every day. Items included in the box vary each month, and Little Life Box guarantees that you will never receive the exact same product sample twice. A vegan option is available for purchase as well.

Little Life Box offers 3 types of subscriptions. Monthly, which you can pause or cancel at any time for a price of 23$/Month. You can choose a 3 Months subscription for 22$/Month or a 6 Months subscription for 21$/Month. You have until the last day at midnight of every month to order for the following month. Any orders received after this date will be processed for the month after that. Little Life Box ships on the 5th of every month. Shipping costs 5$ plus applicable taxes.

There is something so exciting about receiving a subscription box, the mystery of what is waiting for you inside makes it so fun to receive each month.

CLIF BAR 1.33$

I was so excited when I saw this in the Little Life Box. I’ve seen ads for these bars and I really wanted to try them but I’ve never taken the leap to buy them. I sure hate buying something (like a box of energy bars) ending up not liking the product and being stuck with a box full. I hate wasting! I love that I got to try this amazing bar and now I know that I love it and will definitely be purchasing it next time I see them in-store.


I’m not a fan of eating dried fruit as a snack so I knew I wasn’t going to like these. However, these will not go to waste, I plan on making muffins later on and I will be adding these in. I love that the company is Canadian and that the product is vegan, non gmo and gluten free.


I’m familiar with Natur-a products, I’ve used their soy milk quite a bit however I was unfamiliar with the almond beverage. It’s different, I would use it for cooking rather than drinking. I might add the rest to my muffins I’m making with the prairie berries.


Oh so famous Burt. I thought I had tried all his products but this is a new one for me. If you can get passed the yucky smell of this cream, it really is amazing. Your skin absorbs it really quickly without leaving a greasy residue. And of course, like all of Burt’s products, it’s hypoallergenic.


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Guys, I am in L-O-V-E! You must check out Laritzy cosmetics! The line doesn’t stop at lip pencils, they also have lipstick, blush and contour kits. If that isn’t awesome enough this cosmetics brand is completely cruelty free, that’s right, which means no testing on animals. Their products are packed with powerful plant and fruit extracts and they only use cruelty free or synthetic beeswax.


I’ve seen Nature soaps in my grandma’s bathroom since I’m very young, I never understood why she loved it so much. I mean, it wasn’t colorful and it didn’t smell very special. Little did I know back then that natural soaps are better for you. This soap left me feeling moisturized yet I didn’t feel like I had any residue left over on my skin. My grandma had it right all along.


The first thing I see on the packaging is ORGANIC. In a world where chemicals are hiding everywhere, even your toothpaste, this word can ease so much worry. I absolutely adore this toothpaste and I am so grateful to Little Life Box for introducing me to it. I will be hunting this product down and purchasing it for my home and cottage.


Unfortunately my allergy season hasn’t started yet so I’m not able to test this out but I’m very curious to see if it works. In this day and age we are so used to just popping pills whenever we have a problem, we never think to look for alternatives. I’d gladly switch to this homeopathic remedy if it means one less pill to swallow.


I don’t suffer from joint pain therefore I passed these along to my mother. She was quite excited to try them.


Unfortunately we don’t like patchouli in our family so I gave these away. If only it would of been any other scent.


If we add all of this up we have a grand total of 55.10$ CND. I’d say you definitely get your money’s worth no matter which subscription you take!

This was quite a fun experience. I got to try products that I never would of tried on my own. I learned a lot about organic/vegan/non-gmo/gluten free products. But the best part is I discovered three new products that I love and will be purchasing.

If you would like to learn more about Little Life Box head over to their Website

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