Lenovo IdeaPad 7″ Tablet Review

For Christmas this year we decided to buy our daughter a tablet. I searched and searched for months for the perfect tablet for the best price, I wasn’t just looking for cheap tablets but I also didn’t want something that was going to break the bank. We tried out a few in stores, looked at many different tablets online. there is a BIG selection of tablets starting from $40 all the way to over $1000.
our price range was about $100 as it was her first tablet so if she ended up accidentally breaking it it wouldn’t be such a big deal as it was fairly cheap.

our ideal tablet was 7″, have at least 2GB capacity with expandable memory and it MUST have Google Play Store. we searched and found one that was $89 not a brand name, had 8 gb of memory, it had Google Play Store. buy it, bring it home and test it out.. well that was the WORST purchase I have EVER made.. it was very sluggish, the internet didn’t work well on it.. the Google play store wouldn’t let me install most games that I know my daughter likes (angry birds,fruit ninja etc..) plus the speakers sounded very bad..as if they were busted. So we returned it got our money back.
we headed to Future Shop looked at some tablets there and finally decided to grab the 7″ Lenovo ideaPad it was $129 (a bit more then what i was willing to spend) but it had ALL the features we wanted and then some.. 7″, 16 GB storage, Google Play Store, front and rear camera.
We ordered it online it came within a week (they did not have it in stores, so it came directly from Lenovo) as soon as it arrived we test it out. and WOW was this little tablet ever great. I was able to install all the games i knew my daughter liked onto it, including Netflix and installing eBooks was fairly easy to do, the touchscreen is not sluggish it responds very well and runs very well. especially when having used it for a few hours straight.
the battery life is pretty good also my daughter gets about 5 hours of use.
for a tablet of this price it has a good amount of power to it.. browsing the web,watching videos on netflix, games and reading eBooks everything runs very smoothly.

I give this tablet a 5 star rating.. if your looking for a cheap tablet for under $150 I really recommend Lenovo 7″ A1 tablet.

After testing the tablet and deciding that this would be the one to keep I decided to buy a tablet stand for her to use, I looked around for ages before finally settling on buying one of the ibeani tablet stands, it’s different from a normal tablet stand, for starters it’s like a bean bag, yes I said bean bag. The reason I decided on this one was because it was created for using a tablet in bed, on a sofa, anywhere really where it’s on a soft or uneven surface and as my daughter uses her tablet mostly whilst lying on the sofa or in bed this seemed like the obvious choice. I have to say it’s a great tablet stand much better than others we have had in the past. When my daughters not using it I sometimes use it myself for my phone, because it’s like a bean bag it doesn’t matter how big or small the tablet or phone is that your resting on it so although I originally purchased it for my daughter you could say it’s now a family tablet holder that is until I order one of my own.

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