Most people take hundreds of photos every day and those photos just sit on our smartphones or social media pages. But sometimes, we want to be able to look at those special memories or display them in our homes, offices, lockers etc.. We all have busy lives and don’t have time to go on the hunt for a photo printing booth, that actually works. 

With the KiiPix Smartphone Picture Printer, we can now save time and money by printing out photos from your phone wherever you go!  


KiiPix ™ from TOMY is a portable, affordable and easy-to-use instant film printer, requiring no special apps and no batteries, making it a “snap” (pun totally intended!) to capture, print and share. This compact instant film printer turns your smartphone snaps into retro-stylized printed photos in three easy steps. 

It’s so simple to set up and use!

1-Open up your KiiPix, 

2-place your phone on top,

3-push the button and turn the crank.

Thats it, you’re done! 


For the best results, make sure your screen lock is on and that you turn your phone’s brightness all the way up. The picture rolls out and you have a forever memory to keep or share. The only hard part will be choosing which pictures you want to print!

Best of all, it folds flat which makes it easy to bring with you – on the beach, at camp, to a party, family gatherings or just about ANYWHERE! 

KiiPix photos are perfect to decorate a locker or dorm room, print many and create a collage to give to that special someone or even sending grandparents those special baby milestones! 

 With KiiPix there’s no limits to where you can shoot! Unlike a traditional instant camera that often wastes film for blurry pictures, you can enhance the contrast or play with filter options before your photo prints. From fixing that annoying red-eye to adding bunny ears or other fun filters, KiiPix also offers three great colors options to choose from. Cherry Blossom, Sky Blue, and Jet Black. KiiPix lets you augment your own reality and then print it out to share with the real world. Add in the compact fold, and KiiPix is an easy travel companion that lets you create in-the-moment souvenirs on all your adventures.



This would make a great gift for anyone on your list, especially teens! 


Suggested Retail: $49.99 (film not included—printer uses Instax Mini Film)

Purchase at Toys R Us or Amazon


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