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 Established in Belgium, in 1930, Kalorik was one of Europe’s first manufacturers of small electric appliances, the company’s initial product was one of the very first electric toasters. With this well-recognized achievement and a thirst for new invention, the company established offices in the U.K., Germany, and Switzerland to further innovate and design new and exciting products.

Today, Kalorik is a second-generation industry leader. Its passion to create superior products is a guiding force in the company’s commitment to new trends in product development, meticulous care for detail, and to maintaining cutting edge manufacturing facilities. It is this careful balance, combined with Kalorik’s experience and traditional values that have led to the company’s worldwide success.

The Kalorik Professional Style Slicer has come a long way from your Grandma’s old slicer. My Grandmother received this slicer in 1987 as a wedding present and thought it was the bee’s knees. She passed it along to me when I moved and honestly, it’s seen better days. When I learned I was getting the chance to try Kalorik’s Professional Style Slicer, I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to see how this company had improved this appliance over the past 30 years.

Introducing the Kalorik Professional Style Slicer

Stop paying extra for pre-sliced food. Slice your own meat, cheese, bread, vegetables, and fruit quickly and easily with this high-quality slicer from Kalorik. This stylish aluminum housed slicer features a specialized curve design for ease of slice removal as well as space to catch and organize your cuts. The professional-style precise thickness control knob makes selecting your cut thickness simple and easy, up to 9/16-Inch (15mm). The large multipurpose 7 1/2-Inch serrated stainless steel blade handles a wide range of food sizes and types and is easily removable without the use of any tools for cleaning and storage.

In addition, the quick release food carriage bar enables overall cleaning by hand or in the sink. Other highlights include non-slip suction feet, and a strong, high-quality 180 watt AC motor.


  • 7.5-inch (190mm) food slicer.
  • Powerful 180-watt ac motor.
  • Professional-style built in thickness control knob on the side.
  • Quick release food carriage bar; food tray is completely removable for an easy and thorough cleaning in the sink.
  • Stainless steel hardened serrated blade. easily removable blade for cleaning, by hand.

I don’t know why I only thought of a food slicer to be for meat. It never occurred to me to use it on vegetables. Your food slicer is a great way to get your potatoes paper thin for scalloped potatoes. Or cutting cucumber in uniform thickness for vegetable platters.

If you slice your vegetables at the same thickness, you can make prettier juliennes, cubes, and dices of that vegetable. Not only is that more aesthetically pleasing, but things cut to matching sizes cook more evenly.

Anytime youโ€™ve got a large group of people to feed, look to your slicer.

Once you get the hang of using your slicer, you will have a hard time ever returning to your set of kitchen knives. Nothing can crank out as many meat slices in such a short amount of time.

And while they can get pretty expensive, the time you save in the end really is invaluable.

For more information about the Kalorik Professional Style Slicer or any other Kalorik product head over to their Website | Facebook | Instagram  | Twitter





The wonderful people at Kalorik are generously giving away a Kalorik Professional Style Slicer to one lucky Canadian Mom Reviews reader! 

Giveaway is open to US AND Canada

Ends: 8/14


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  1. I do need one of these…would make slicing roasts and other meats..plus veggies alot easier on the hands an wrists..and we got through alot of veggies

    Growing up I designed a wearable version of water filtration vacuum and I have always fancied the idea since!
    Also their website is confusing, having the price at the top instead of the bottom… I was like how can these slicers be so cheap!

  3. Hi i visited Kalorik website,and another product i would love to try is the

  4. The KALORIK GREY BUNDT CAKE MAKER WITH DELUXE 50-RECIPE BOOK looks like a neat way to get individual servings of cake!

  5. I would love to try the Kalorik Digital Air Fryer With Dual Layer Rack , I’ve always wanted one ! I think it would be easy and great to cook with !

  6. I like the look of the digital air fryer. im not totally against standard deep fryers but after trying one finally the thing i hate is how hard they are to clean. this looks pretty not bad..

  7. Wondering if you ever had issues cleaning the thing? I can’t figure out how to clean behind the blade and I know thats where all the foods stuck

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