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Gifts for Her


14716187_10157685194680595_9073572707541652942_nEvery girl needs some me-time.  Why not show your loved ones you care about them, and their skin, by giving them some premium makeup removers, moisturizers and face masks by Biotherm.   

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Schick Holiday Gift Packs are great for any occasion. Wrap them up as is, or use as stocking stuffers.  These Schick packs are perfect for teens and adults alike.  

Find them in grocery, drug and mass retail outlets across Canada.





FaceOff Cloth

FaceOff is the all-natural reusable cloth that removes face and eye makeup using only warm water. FaceOff eliminates the need for makeup removers and facial cleanser pads, wipes, oils and creams. Rinse the FaceOff cloth with warm water and gently wipe your face. The cloth will not only wipe away all makeup, dirt and grime but also leave your skin feeling refreshed.

Age: All ages! Gentle enough for babies.

MSRP: $11.99


Gifts for Him





Schick Holiday packs are perfect for the man in your life. These packs are filled with daily necessities that the average man uses, which makes them the perfect gift! 


Find them in grocery, drug and mass retail outlets across Canada.







Gifts for Baby

logoThe Cate & Levi Collection is handmade in Toronto, Canada. 

All the materials are sourced as close to home as possible. This process cuts down on shipping and reduces our carbon footprint. The choice of reclaimed wool reduces demand for new materials that require both water and oil for production. My goal is for these items to leave the softest possible pawprint on our planet.

Purchase From Cate & Levi Here


baby-toy-2The Nurture Smart Crib Mobile is the most advanced crib mobile ever created. It was designed with input from healthcare professionals and includes exceptional safety, child development and comfort features.








Gifts for Kids

prod4131_4_lgKids can zoom into build ‘n’ play fun with Design & Drill® Power Play Vehicles™! Your junior pit crew can build their vehicle by snapping the pieces together. Then, they can use the motorized mini-drill to add the bolts. Finally, it’s time to add artistic flair and customize their creation with colorful stickers, and zoom into creative STEM play! Once their racer is ready to hit the road, they can use kid-power to send their car speeding!

Purchase Design & Drill® Power Play Vehicles Here







prod5109_3_thDiscover amazing, up-close lunar exploration with GeoSafari® Jr. My First Telescope! Little ones can explore the moon with this focus-free telescope, built specifically for little hands and growing minds. Perfect for STEM learning. The 10x magnification provides fantastic views of the moon, while keeping the field of vision wide, which is essential for young children’s understanding of magnified views.


Purchase Design & Drill® Power Play Vehicles Here



Recycle old crayon bits into colorful reusable crayons with the Crayola Crayon Factory. Designed to work with most standard size Crayola crayons, this electric-powered accessory lets kids create custom toys with colors of their choice. Simply feed crayon bits into the factory and watch as they melt and transform into cool, colorful figurines. The kit comes with three molds and eight full-sized crayons, so kids can start recycling crayons right out of the box. And because the resultant figurines are made of crayon wax, kids can use them for either drawing or playing.

ARP $34.99 






Skateboarding Mikey RC 

This innovative remote controlled TMNT comes equipped ready to show off awesome moves like 360’s, 720’s, one foot spins and manuals (wheelies). The best part about Mikey is his outstanding self-righting design, which allows him to stand up on his own after he has fallen over. Mikey is one tough turtle as falling over is all part of the play! Shreddin’ with Mikey is easy as the nunchuck remote has only two buttons: forward/back and spin. TMNT fans will master the controls of Mikey within seconds. Mikey is programmed with 20 fun sound effects that make skateboarding with Mikey even better!

Age: 4+

MSRP: $79.99+

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Northern Lights Elsa Doll 

Girls can wave their hand over the snowflake, and create beautiful colors, lights and sounds with Elsa as a toddler doll. When girls hold their hand over the snowflake for a longer period of time, they can watch as the beautiful Northern Lights are restored and sparkle on Elsa’s dress!

Age: 3+

MSRP: $59.99+

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Magic Wand Cinderella by JAKKS Pacific Canada Inc.

Disney Princess Magical Wand Cinderella Doll, you create the magic with a wave of the wand! 1. A short wave to start the magic! 2. A long wave to transform her look! Cinderella says 40 phrases, lights up and sings. For every girl who dreams big, thereʼs a Princess to show her itʼs possible. Recommended for Ages 3+. Includes: 14″ Doll, Wand, Shoes, Booklet

Age: 3+

MSRP: $59.99+

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Tsum Tsum 

Tsum Tsum (Stack Stack in Japanese) is a playful, adorable collection of favorite Disney characters that kids and the kid at heart can collect, stack and display. These collectible figurines come in three different sizes featuring most of the top, beloved Disney properties and characters of all time!

Age: 6+

MSRP: $9.99+

For more info about Tsum Tsum visit

Purchase from Walmart, Toys R’ Us and other retailers. 





Gifts for Pets


Gifts for the Foodie


img_3444MissFresh is a Canadian company that strives to help people lead a healthier lifestyle by making eating healthy at home easy and accessible to everyone.


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Gifts for the Beauty Junkie


Gifts for the Home


Gifts for the Techie and Geeky


Philips Hue


Enhance your everyday life. Philips Hue can welcome you home. Wake you up. Get you energized. Make you feel safe. Improve your mood. Enhance your entertainment experience. It can even keep you informed about the weather or incoming calls. The possibilities are endless once you start exploring. 

Read our Philips Hue Review Here







Gifts for the Stockings

999999-21664101117Tonka Tinys are the perfect vehicles to take on the go! These micro-sized vehicles are built Tonka tough and feature the same great styling as the classic Tonka vehicles. These vehicles are perfect for vehicle-loving kids or collectors! Tonka Tinys are the perfect pocket-sized vehicles to create adventures wherever you are.Choose from 22 different replicas of real-life trucks.Each vehicle comes with its own garage for storing and Stacking!

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