Hanging Pot Rack Review

I have looked for a Pot racks in my area and have not been able to find any for a decent price.The ones i did find were $150+ for a good size one.. a bit more then what i wanted to pay..

so I searched online stores and found this one from Wayfair.com

I instantly fell in love with the simple look and the price, under $40… can’t go wrong with that price right?

The rack is well made, sturdy, easy to assemble and very attractive.
 It is very strong and durable, it doesn’t sway when taking pots and pans off.


  • Pot Rack
  • 12 Pot rack hooks
  • 4 Ceiling hooks
  • 4 “S” Hooks
  • 4 22″ Lengths of chain
  • Black finish
  • Wrought iron


Now I have more room in my cupboards and I don’t have to worry about making a big mess in the cupboard looking for a specific pot or pan.

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  1. I do a lot of cooking and stuff and I worry that the pots would become dirty and require regular cleaning? amazing space saver though and something I am going to look into thanks for the review

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