Great Home Business Ideas

It is now easier than ever to work from home. In fact, there has been a beautiful rise in moms that have started their home-based enterprises. From blogging to jewelry making it’s such an exciting space to be in. Some of them will only cost some time and tech; others might take a bit more planning and a financial injection and some research into small business start-up loans to get yourself started.

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YouTuber – it would be remiss to leave this one out. From baking fairy cakes to taking a GoPro on a rollercoaster or mini-interviews with the kids. YouTube are known for shaking things up a lot, but if you are serious about it, you can get a loyal fanbase, run ads, and document your life too.


Copywriter – every company out there needs a writer with a talent to help market their products or services. Not all copywriters are in advertising – it is important to note that. It’s just that most of the time if you pick up a job it will likely be advertising of some type. You’ll spend your days writing, researching, editing, proofreading and magicking up fantastic content for their clients.


Social Media Manager – If you have a few days, you can take some online courses that will lay down the basics. If you have been using them in a personal capacity, then you’re going to have an excellent grasp of how to make the most of them. If you know any small business, you can ask if they’d mind you testing your skills. Make it easier for yourself, use a scheduling platform like Hootsuite or Buffer.


Blogger – where once upon a time this wasn’t seen as a serious career choice, however now there are millions of people making at least enough income to stay at home. You will need to cover costs like hosting in most instances because often companies prefer bloggers with hosting. You will also have to pay attention to Google guidelines, ASA if you’re running competitions and also cater to your audience.  


Making jewelry – You can pick up some great starter kits from Amazon. You can work with beads, gems, wires, silks, silver, gold or just base metals. This one is pretty personal; you can make what you like to wear and see if that sells or make a selection of different types and see what your friends and family like. Setting up an online store has never been easier either, take into account the amount of time each piece takes you to make when you are pricing it up. Or if you have another crafting skill – that works too!


Virtual Assistant – If you are great at organization, then you can run the whole world from behind your computer. You’ll be required to do things like data input, research, social media management, booking travel, managing emails and managing their day to day lives.


There are so many more options out there, but those are few super cool start-ups to get you up and running. Think about what will work for your day to day life and go for it!

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