freshback, a scientific breakthrough, is the first & only laundry treatment that eliminates body odours at the source and prevents them from returning for a whole year or 25 washes. While providing the highest level of hygiene, freshback is the only Deep Fiber Fusion treatment that allows you to stay body-odour-free during & after any kind of activity.

The instructions seemed pretty simple, I loaded my washer with a medium load of clothes. Opened packet #1 (premium detergent) and poured it into the laundry detergent dispenser drawer. I set it on a regular cycle. My machine then asked to set the temperature of the water. The instructions said nothing about water temperature… great!… So I set it on cold. I let the cycle run it’s course.

Once the cycle ended I opened the detergent dispenser drawer to fill it with the #2 pouch but to my surprise the content of pouch #1 was still there, it had formed a clump. Was it still supposed to be there? The instruction don’t mention that it will desolve! Although we assume that it should. Why wouldn’t it desolve in cold water? Regular detergent does…

I was left with a dilemma, do I run the cycle again but with HOT water or just keep going? I decided to keep going.

I poured pouch #2 (freshner) into the detergent dispencer drawer as indicated and threw pouch #3 (bonder) into the machine with the clothes. This time the instructions indicated to use cold water. Once the cycle finished I put the clothes in the dryer and hoped for the best.


Unfortunately, I have nothing exciting to share. My clothes smells exactly the same. My shirt with the incredibly smelly armpits still stinks. This is quite a disappointment! I did repeat the process using hot water during the first cycle (pouch #1) and was still left with a big clump of detergent in my dispencer drawer.

I believe the instructions could use some work, there was a lot of confusion. In the end we were 3 people trying to figure out this product and we never managed.


If you’d like to learn more about Freshback or if you’d like to give the product a try, head over to their Website | Facebook  | Instagram

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  1. I have never heard of this product before, but I do know it’s disappointing when a product doesn’t work the way they claim it does

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