Food Trip to Argentina

Food Trip To… was founded in Montreal in 2015 by two friends who are avid gourmet adventurers. Their goal is to take as many homebodies as possible along on daring trips of discovery to find new cultures and flavours… from the comfort of home!


– 6 products and 4 recipes to make an authentic meal for 6

– Cultural facts about the destination presented in an entertaining way

– A small surprise that co-founders Kevin & Maxime brought back from their trip!

All you have to do is pick up a few fresh ingredients!


How cool is my pumpkin gourd? Based on the information I’ve collected these are quite hard to get your hands on nowadays. You mostly find them made of plastic, ceramic, stainless steal, so if you find one made from a pumpkin hang on to it!

I had never made maté before and the instruction provided were quite confusing. I ended up searching videos online on how to make it and discovered it was quite easy.

The tea is delicious, tastes exactly like green tea in my opinion. 


iMate Tonus

Time to start off the Argentine evening with a lively cocktail.

In less then 10 minutes you can make this delicious drink with a combination of Maté tea, ginger ale, vodka, sugar and lime juice. It’s the perfect refreshment on a warm summer day.

I really enjoyed this cocktail, we even tried it without vodka and it was just as delicious. In my opinion, it tastes like a carbonated green tea. Very yummy!



The faina, like other Argentine gastronomic dishes, has influences from the Italian culture. In the 19th and 20th century Italians arrived and brought their favourite recipes with them.

The name faina is adapted from the word farinata, a Genoese dialect meaning “made from flour”. This appetizer is typically served with pizza, directly on top of the faina!

I really liked the faina, the consistency reminded me a bit of naan bread. I enjoy dipping it in tzatziki sauce or eating it with cheese.

Asado a la Parilla

Asado is known as Argentina’s national dish. It’s more than just a barbecue, it’s a gathering that has become a ritual! Traditionally, the meat is braised up to 2 to 3 hours.  This is the perfect moment to invite the whole family and close friends for a great time. There’s something for everyone’s taste buds as this barbeque is made up of an assortment of meats accompanied by the tasty and irreplaceable chimichurri sauce. 

The recipe calls for meats such as blood sausages, lamb, pork chops, skirt steak, chorizo sausages and chicken thighs but unfortunatly my family and I don’t eat any of those so instead we opted for chicken breasts.

When I took my barbecue out of storage it refused to cooperate after being locked up for winter so long. We had no choice to find another solution, the chicken had already been marinating the suggested amount of time. We decided to cook them in a cast iron skillet. The chicken was extremely tender and the whole family enjoyed the meal. It was a big hit!

I received these as a replacement to the Mantecol peanut butter snack bar. My family and I really weren’t impressed by these little biscuits. They aren’t salted or sugared, they are pretty much flavorless. 

Instead of making the alfajores y mate for dessert we started dipping the little biscuits into the dulce de leche. This made the biscuits edible. Everybody really enjoyed the caramel sauce, including myself.



No commitment. You receive your first box a few days after your purchase and then every 2 months. You decide when you want to stop.
39.90$ CND + tx & shipping


Receive the first box in the next few days and then the 2 following in 2 and 4 months.

119.70$ CND + tx & shipping

Miss none of the destinations. Receive your first box in a few days, and your following 5 countries every 2 months during 1 year.

239.40$ CND + tx & shipping


Food trip to… donates 10% of their earnings to Oxfam Quebec, a confederation of charitable organizations focused on the alleviation of global poverty.


  • Detailed grocery list.
  • Nutritional fact sheet.
  • Fun trivia sheets.
  • Box description sheet (to make sure all items are present).
  • Oxfam donation.
  • Discovering new cultures/foods.
  • Beautiful pictures to accompany recipes.


  • Must purchase ingredients.
  • Some items might be replaced with a substitute.
  • The instructions need a bit of work.


I really loved my experience with Food trip to…, I would absolutely recommend this to anybody who may not be able to travel or someone who is looking to try something new for dinner. My family and I definitely had a blast trying to speak Spanish all night, we sure had some laughs.

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