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Cat Doodles

Akiko Masuda is an illustrator. Born in Hokkaido, she now lives in Kanagawa Prefecture.

She illustrates for magazines, books, and other publications.

Cat lovers unite! Now you can doodle away your days like never-before with fun prompts for doodling, drawing, and decorating hundreds of kitty cats. From cat feelings to cat colors, and cat dances to cats clothing, this drawing book will never let you down with its collection of fun, creative collection of prompts in the style of the beloved game Neko Atume. Scribble, doodle, draw, color, and love this cat-extravaganza.

Kawaii Doodle Class

Zainab Khan’s doodle journey began in 2013, when she started making YouTube videos that demonstrated her love for drawing cute, random characters. Today, her Pic Candle YouTube channel has over 400,000 subscribers and more than 20 million views. In 2016, she quit her job as a software engineer to become a full-time doodle artist. Zainab lives in Mumbai, India.


The Japanese word kawaii translates to “cute,” and this how-to book is chock-full of super-adorable images of tacos, sushi, smoothies, clouds, rainbows, cacti, doodle monsters, Christmas trees, lipsticks, teacups, and more for your adoration.

Popular kawaii artist Zainab Khan shows you how to draw 75 super-cute characters with simple step-by-step illustrations and instructions. She has also included fun search-and-find images and inspiration boards that show you how to give your characters different facial expressions and zany accessories.

Thanks to this crash course in Kawaii Doodle Class, soon you will be enhancing your notebooks, stationery, artwork, and more with your own unique kawaii world!


Playful Painting: Pets

Faye Moorhouse is a full-time illustrator near Brighton, England. In addition to mixed-media art made from gouache, pencil, and ink, Faye also works with paper, ceramics, and enamel. In 2011, she received the Design & Art Direction award for “Best New Blood”. Faye has created illustrations for The New York Times and NYLON Japan, and she’s been featured by The Huffington Post, Design Sponge, and others.

From an affectionate French Bulldog and astute Boxer to a sassy tabby cat, if you love animals and art, then your tail will be wagging with each of our easy-to-learn lessons and the humor that goes with them. You’ll be an expert in gouache, pencil, and ink in no time!


Artist Faye Moorhouse illustrates this book in her signature friendly, quirky style. Not an artist? Playful Painting: Pets is a perfect gift for the animal lover in your life. Also a must-have for anyone who’s shared their life and living space with furry or feathered friends.

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