Different types of windows for your new house

Themost common function of windows is to let some light into your houseand to allow some degree of ventilation. However, there isa range of other functions that windows can have.

Whilesome windows designed to give your house a vintage look, others carrya simple design but are wide enough to let as much light in aspossible. There is an endless array of designs that you can choosefrom.

Moreover, it is important to consider that some type of windows may be more expensive than others. As far as the replacement windows price in Calgary goes, you may be able to find some cheap options. However, other cities tend to be more expensive.

Inthis article, we aim to highlight some common types of windows thatare installed in properties. These include:

Casement Windows

Casementwindows happen to be most commonly installed in houses. These are thewindows that open outand are pivoted from side hinges. Casement windows are wide enoughand carry a simple design. The prime purpose of the casement windowis to let ample amount of light and ventilation inside a house.

SinceCasement windows havea wide glass pane, they are usually covered using curtains on theinside in order to block some light off.

When casement windows are closed, they act a good seal for better energy performance. They also come in the category of energy efficient windows.

Double-hung Windows

Thesewindows also happen to be fairly common. They are composed of twomovable sashes.Another alternate version of this type of window is the single-hungsash. While both of them can act is very energy efficient windowswhen closed, the double-hung window allows greaterventilation and light in, as compared to the single-hung window.

Oneof the biggest benefitsof the double hung windows is that they can easily be cleaned bothfrom the inside and the outside. In the case of other windows, theremay be a need to climb on the ladder in order to reach the outer partof a window.


Themost common usage of bay windows is in the kitchen or the commonfamily living room. Bay windows are designed to create a projectionand angle on the structure of a room. Many Bay Windows include sidewindows that can be opened to allow betterairflow.

Themain purpose of these windows is to let ample amount of light insidethe room.


Asthe name suggests, slider windows tend to open sideways. Thesewindows offer clear views and a significant amount of ventilation.However, they are not sealed as a result of which they are not veryenergy efficient.

Sincesliders do not include any mechanical parts, these windows happen tohave a simple structure and no mechanism for tension. As a result ofthis, they are the most inexpensive and the most energy inefficientamong the above-mentionedtypes. These windows are most commonly used as the entranceto a terrace.

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