Your Curb Appeal and Sell Your Home Faster

In some instances, first impressions don’t mean a thing. But if you’re thinking of selling your home, then you’ll quickly learn that first impressions are everything. From the moment someone looking to buy your home steps out of the car near your driveway, they will be analyzing everything. And if they are put off by what it looks like on the outside, then quite often, it will hardly matter what it looks like on the inside. So think about your outside space and how much curb appeal it has; can you do anything to improve it? Even if you’re not thinking of selling anytime soon, here are some tips and tricks to help the outside of your home look better.


Act Like a Buyer

When you see something every day, it is hard to notice some of the smaller things about the home that others could quite easily pick up on. So it can be a good idea to act like a buyer, and look around the outside on your home with a critical eye. Are there some cracks in the walls that you hadn’t noticed or some chipped paint that you’d put off sorting out? Make a list of the things that can be quite easily fixed, and make a plan to fix them.


Improve Your Doorway

Once people are up your drive, or you may not have a drive, they are staring straight at your door. From there, the first impressions will carry on. Is there a porch light that is looking tired and broken? Could the door do with a lick of paint or replacing? Does the space look welcoming? Some easy wins could be to clean and tidy the door and porch space, as well as add things like planters or hanging baskets to frame the doorway. Things like Sago palm trees are good options for large pots or containers and can add an evergreen pop of colour at the doorway. Seasonal hanging baskets can be a good idea too.


Check Your Roof

Unless you’ve had problems with your roof, then the chances are that you’ve not even thought about your roof for a while. And when you look at the front of your home, do your eyes go up enough to look at the ceiling? If your roof has missing tiles or shingles, cracked drain pipes, or generally looks a little worse for wear, then it will be something that will set off alarm bells in a potential buyers head. So look up; what state is your roof in?


Use a Pressure Washer

Spring is a great time to sell homes, as many more people are looking to make changes after the comfort of winter and the holidays. So now is a good time to get your home looking good. But after a long winter, the outside of your home could be looking a little dirty and grimy, even covered in mold. So using something like a pressure washer is a good way to go. It can lift up dirt and mold easily, and can make driveways and fencing look like new.

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