Celebrate with Craftholic this Holiday Season

CRAFTHOLIC is a collection of fun-loving characters that were created by Japanese designer, Ikuko Yamamoto, in 2008. The CRAFTS are cuddly mythical creatures that are soft, unique, and simple in design. Hug them, have a tea party with them, or tell them a story at bedtime. Your CRAFT will become your very best friend! The stories and sentiments that this lovable collection brings have caused CRAFT popularity to spread all over the world. Create your own stories with these cute, comfy, crazy creatures, and you too will become a CRAFTHOLIC- addict!




Korat – Cat type alien also known as “Prof. KORAT”
Reliable, always taking care of the others.

Loris – Monkey type alien.
Easy going, greedy eater. Lets off a fart anywhere. Likes to party.

Sloth – Bear type alien.
Calm, a little eccentric, but funny. Always hoping for universal peace.

Rab – Rabbit type alien.
Cheerful & Chatty. “Happy” is Rab’s favorite word.

If you’d like to learn more about Craftholic, head over to their Website | Facebook | Instagram 


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