Celebrate Halloween with Slammers & Squoosh

Invented by sisters Jen and Jill whose kids needed yummy and healthy snacks to take on-the-go, Slammers and Squoosh are organic snack pouches made with real fruit, vegetables, yogurt, and grains.

The company was founded on their family values and with an unwavering responsibility to give back to their community. The Heart of their company is designed to provide support with nutritional requirements to families who require a little extra assistance. Every child and every parent deserves access to incredible food. Jen and Jill are committed to ensuring they do what they can to make that happen. To make parents’ lives a little easier and nourish as many children as possible.

Slammers and Squoosh are certified organic, have no added sugar, and are nut and gluten free. They are also packaged in easy-to-open containers that are BPA-free.



What is Acai? Acai berry is a grape-like fruit from the rainforests of the Amazon. They are a source of antioxidant vitamin C.


Spinapple Squoosh

Spinach and pineapple tango in this well-balanced snack, supported by the sweet moves of cherry and banana. Includes quinoa and Greek yogurt!




What is a Yumberry?!?!?!? Looks a little bit like a raspberry with a sweet, sour flavor and is considered a super fruit and a source of antioxidant vitamin C.


Orangobango Squoosh

Baby Gourmet wanted to capture the fun of summer by blending the exotic flavour of mango with the natural sweetness of carrot, banana and apple.

On Halloween, candy reigns supreme. Candy corn, chocolate bars, bubble gum, and so many other treats are front-and-center, even before the trick-or-treating begins. But, it’s far from the only treat you can serve up for your family to enjoy.  If you want to get into the holiday spirit in a more nutritious way, Slammers and Squoosh would be a fun, kid-friendly and mom-approved alternative!

Although, I should warn, your kids might turn into little hungry zombies that only want Squoosh “brain” pouches ?

If you’d like to learn more about Slammers or Squoosh check out their Website | Website | Facebook | Facebook | Twitter | Twitter 

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