From Night Owl To Early Bird In A Few Simple Steps

October 3, 2017

Everyone knows the horrible feeling of waking up late. When you have work, school, or other morning commitments, oversleeping can be the worst possible start to the day. A surprising amount of people struggle with their sleep, and it isn’t just because they stay up too late. If you’re in this position, then you’ll know how it feels to live without the precious time you need in bed, along with…


Back to School Tips with Loan and Go

September 8, 2017

Parents of children who are school-age know that the back to school season can be one of the more costly times of the year. Whether your child is entering kindergarten or going back to finish up their last year of college, there are a lot of expenses that add up without us even realizing it. I offer some tips below of things to consider when saving money throughout the school…


Simple Ways to Dress Up Your Garden

August 23, 2017

  Once you’ve put in the effort to transform your garden from what was basically a wasteland into a functional garden space, all that remains is to add a flourish of finishing touches, which will dress up your garden and make it really stand out from the crowd.   Here are some simple ways to finish off your garden and make it the best place to spend time:   Throw…


A Garden Isn’t Just For Summer

August 22, 2017

The title says it all. Most of us are guilty of paying far more attention to our gardens during the summer. Flowers have room to really flourish and, most importantly, the weather is nice. Nobody wants to be mowing the lawn or removing dead plants during the coldest days of winter. Yet, a garden really isn’t just for summer. You need to put love and attention into maintaining it all…


Not-So-Rubbish Tips On Turning Your Rubbish Tip Into A Home

August 21, 2017

  Even the most conscientious homeowner falls prey to a messy household at some point. Perhaps it’s because the kids are running wild, breaking things, leaving their toys everywhere, and forever forgetting to clean their rooms. Perhaps it’s simply because your home is getting old and you’ve also accumulated a lot of things over the years, which has led to a cluttered living area. It’s time to make a change,…


Time to Get Your Home Fall Ready

August 15, 2017

Image source You might still be enjoying the summertime, but it’s only a few weeks until fall will be upon us and that means that now is the perfect time to get your home ready for the fall. Season changes don’t just affect us; they have an impact on our homes to and if you aren’t prepared for the cooler, wetter weather you could find yourself in trouble.   Here…


Design A Stylish And Calming Living Room With These Tips

August 7, 2017

Everyone needs to think long and hard when it comes to their living room design. Most families tend to use the space to congregate after long days at school and in the office. So, it makes sense to create an area that’s both stylish and comfortable. It’s hard enough to unwind after the working day without having to contend with a less than tranquil atmosphere at home. The tips below…


Balancing Act: Making Your Home Chic But Cozy

July 13, 2017

  Don’t get us wrong, there are so many variables, combinations, and trends that are worth exploring when it comes to the interior design of a home, but none are more important that comfort and style. Just being able to collapse in your oasis of content and forget all the hardships of the world as you enjoy the aesthetic beauty of your home is the dream for every homeowner the…


Puppy Love: Meeting Your Great Dane’s Every Want and Need

July 12, 2017

Photo Credit   Chances are if you’ve clicked this post, you either have a Great Dane or are considering getting one. We are a nation of dog lovers and one of the biggest, best pooches is this majestic breed. But, as with any dog, you need to ensure that you can meet the pup’s every want and need in order for him or her to live a long, happy and…