Live the Candy Experience !

December 6, 2017

  Treat yourself to delicious mouth-watering candydelivered right to your doorstep. Candy Experience brings the candy store experience to you. Each month you’ll receive a curated selection of candy from Canada and beyond. Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – Online   What’s Inside Your Box? Each month, your Candy Experience will include a box filled with 6-7 delicious mouthwatering types and flavours of candy. Enjoy some of your familiar favourites, candy you’ll…


Felling Festive with Grand Ferrero Rocher

October 30, 2017

Ferrero Rocher was introduced in 1982. In just a few years it had experienced phenomenal growth. It became the favorite chocolate treat for millions of people and one of the best-known premium chocolate brands all over the world. Ferrero Rocher’s distinctive golden wrapper highlights a product of exceptional quality, craftsmanship and refinement, making it the perfect choice for gifting, sharing or indulging in. As the love for Ferrero Rocher has…


MunchPak – Great Holiday Gift

October 21, 2017

What’s inside? Inside every MunchPak are the coolest and newest snacks from around the world. Each delivery, they’ll surprise you with awesome new snacks so you’ll always find new favorites. You can also customize your taste preferences for a more personalized MunchPak experience. Spicy, sweet, candy, chips, sour, gummy, they’ve got it all! MunchPak Mini 5+ full size snacks Tasty things come in small packages, and this box is no…


Baby Gourmet – Squoosh

October 20, 2017

  The company was founded on their family values and with an unwavering responsibility to give back to their community. The Heart of Baby Gourmet is designed to provide support with nutritional requirements to families who require a little extra assistance. Every baby and every parent deserves access to incredible food. Baby Gourmet is committed to ensuring they do what they can to make that happen. To make parents’ lives…


Easy Greasy

October 17, 2017

Michelle Jones Schroeder is a busy working mom and inventor of Easy Greasy™. She was tired of struggling to strain unhealthy, messy grease from her food. Her kids love tacos and meat sauce, but it was always such a pain and she hated to cook those types of food. She hated balancing her strainer on various bowls, and grease had not been kind to her kitchen drain. So, she developed…


gosili – silikids siliskin

October 9, 2017

Silikids® was formed in 2006, and is the first silicone feeding brand focusing on tableware products made entirely out of SILICONE. The company combines need-based innovation with the superior advantages of SILICONE, offering an alternative to plastic wares found in the kitchen. Silikids’ designs are safe, modern and practical SILICONE products offering superior function, while being easy to use and clean. All Silikids products are made from 100% food grade…


The Instant Pot

October 6, 2017

Instant Pot® Duo Plus 9 in 1 The next evolution in the Duo Series, the #1 best-selling cooker in the Instant Pot family. The Duo Plus 9-In-1 Programmable kitchen appliance with advanced microprocessor technology incorporates all of the great features that made the Duo the #1 best seller. It has new and improved programs and features to continually support one’s fast-paced and healthy lifestyle.   New Programs The Duo Plus…



September 12, 2017

MunchPak came around at a time when there was nothing of its kind. In the beginning, MunchPak was a simple idea dreamt up by Michael Beletz and Andrew Hawel in a living room to get international snacks to the masses all from one single place. This dream soon became a reality and in November 2013 MunchPak was born. After about six months of running MunchPak with just two people, Michael…


Coast to Coast Coffee

September 7, 2017

Coast to Coast Coffee is Canada’s local roaster. Wherever you happen to live in this great country, they want to supply you with the world’s best coffee. Organic, Fair Trade and Freshly Roasted in small batches, they deliver amazing coffee right to your mailbox. Best of all, the shipping cost (including tax) is on them! Delicious, convenient and most importantly, affordable! Their coffee is perfect for brewing an outstanding cup…


September 6, 2017

This Canadian subscription box is shipping Loose leaf teas from the East Coast. It’s main goal is to fill your cup with new delightful tasting teas. What comes in a box? Each monthly box contains 3 delightful selections of loose leaf tea, enough to make at least 10 cups each (30 cups total per box). Fresh, seasonally-appropriate blends are chosen each month, so it’s always a fun surprise! Where can…