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Canadian Originals is a family owned business based in Oakville, ON. They have always loved buying handmade goods, shopping at local markets and craft fairs, supporting small stores featuring Canadian artisans and makers. They slowly came to realize that they were missing out on many fantastic products made by artisans outside of their immediate area, so when they decided to launch a subscription box, they made the choice to source goods from across the country.

Canadian Originals packages their boxes with love and care and they limit how many they ship out each month to ensure that the quality never suffers in the service of numbers. This company is truly a labor of love, and their love letter to Canada. Their launch box is appropriately entitled Canada 150, to celebrate our country’s historic birthday.

Their mission is to select and deliver some of Canada’s finest lifestyle creations, featuring a highly curated collection of items not widely available abroad or across the country. They strive to work with and promote talented artisans who are dedicated to their craft and the continuing traditions of making beautiful things. All their vendor partners are Canadian makers – from mompreneurs to small indie brands, everything you find in their box and their store was made locally, and that includes their box and their website. 

Home Wall Decor: Kylee’s Keepsakes

Rustic 10″ x 7″ hand painted wood sign. Exclusive Canadian Originals design.

It all start when Kylee’s son Liam was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome(half a heart). Unable to hire an RN so she could work, Kylee knew she had to come up with something to help support her family. She started posting the crafts she made online and to her surprise people loved them! Kylee’s Keepsakes was born.

If it wasn’t for Canadian Originals I never would of discovered this mompreneur. I never would of got to learn her amazing story or have seen the amazing work she does. This beautiful rustic plaque will be proudly hung at our cottage, knowing that Kylee got to spend another day with her son at home doing what she loves.

Celebration Soap Slice: Carberry Soap

With a focus on handmade, natural ingredients, The Carberry Soap Company started operations in the home kitchen of owner Margo Stinson in 2002. Located in the quiet suburbs of Ajax, Ontario, the name Carberry is actually from the name of the street she lived on.

I was very torn about this product. It looks so cool and it smells absolutely amazing! But what frustrates me is that it contains palm oil. Palm oil has become one of the world’s leading causes of rainforest destruction. It is among the biggest threats driving iconic wildlife species like the Sumatran orangutan to the brink of extinction.

Carberry has a few soaps that don’t contain any palm oil, I personally think that would of been more appropriate for Canadian Originals, especially since they mention being animal lovers on their website.

Beeswax Aromatherapy Travel Candle: 9 Senses

These are 100% pure beeswax & pure essential oil candles.

Beeswax burns longer, cleaner and of coarse brighter than any other wax. Beeswax candles release negative ions, which will clean allergens and dust from your home air.

100% Canadian beeswax
100% Aromatherapy grade Essential oil
100% Cotton Wick

although I’m not a fan of patchouli, I was able to appreciate how amazing this candle is. It also led me to 9 senses’ many other products that I look forward to discovering.

Maple Leaf Necklace: Hidden Gems by Raquel

Handmade Y necklace. Exclusive Canadian Originals design.

Located in Milton, Ontario Hidden Gems creates unique and creative jewelry and hair accessories for any occasion. They also enjoy creating customized pieces for their customers. Through consultation, jewelry or hair accessories can be created for you and will be customized to fit your style and budget.

This stunning necklace is sure to turn heads! I absolutely love it and will wear it proudly.

Giclee Canada Map Watercolor Print: Andrea Hill

5″x7″ watercolour map. Exclusive Canadian Originals design.

This is ridiculously beautiful! This is being framed and being put on my desk at work ASAP.

Fleur de Sel Caramels: Hugo & Nate Confections

Named after their boys, they started the company as a fun summer project to teach their boys about running a business. Soon the caramels developed a passionate following of caramel lovers everywhere. Made one small batch at a time with nothing more than a copper pot and a wooden spoon, each caramel is two bites of buttery bliss.

Heaven in a wrapper. It’s the only way to describe it. This is nothing like the halloween caramel squares that used to get stuck in your teeth for hours as a child. Its smooth buttery texture will keep you coming back for more!

Canadian Mint Anniversary Edition 50 Cent

Only twice in its history has the 50-cent coin featured a special commemorative design, and I am the proud owner of the third special-issue in 80 years! It features the winning design from Canadian Heritage’s contest that invited Canadian students to create a logo for Canada’s 150th anniversary, the first public design to ever appear on this denomination!

I was surprised that the coin didn’t come sealed somehow. I don’t know much about coins but I do know that they loose value if they are handled. Still pretty cool though.

My Thoughts

I truly loved my experience with this subscription box. Not only discovering new local products but learning the background of each business of where they are from and how they started. Canadian Originals did a fantastic job with their debut box, in my opinion they couldn’t of chosen a better time to launch. 

I thought the boxes were very reasonably priced until I learned that an approximate 20$ is added to your bill as you check out for shipping, handling and taxes. Which brings your total closer to 70$/box. A bit much in my opinion.


Monthly – 55$

3 Months – 155$ CAD prepaid = 51.66$ CAD/month

6 Months – 300$ CAD prepaid = 50.00$ CAD/month

12 Months – 575$ CAD prepaid = 48$ CAD/month

+ S&H + Taxes.

If you’d like to learn more about Canadian Originals head over to their Website| Facebook| Instagram| Twitter


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  1. I love how it’s a family owned business and this is perfect considering Canada Day is coming up fast! The watercolor print looks gorgeous!

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