Balancing Act: Making Your Home Chic But Cozy


Don’t get us wrong, there are so many variables, combinations, and trends that are worth exploring when it comes to the interior design of a home, but none are more important that comfort and style. Just being able to collapse in your oasis of content and forget all the hardships of the world as you enjoy the aesthetic beauty of your home is the dream for every homeowner the world over.

You may think this is simple because so many products now take both of these things into consideration and the design and development stage. But getting this balance right when pulling together an entire room, now that is a challenge. Even the most accomplished interior design expert can fail to perfect this basic want and need.

Don’t worry, though, because we’ve got just the tips, tricks and bits of advice to ensure you get your aim of cozy but chic absolutely spot on.


Transitional Styling

This is literally a class of design that dominates the middle ground that focuses on striking a balance between comfort and style. If you are thinking of juxtaposed properties that use modern interiors to contrast against traditional exteriors or throwing rustic bits into modern apartments, then you are on the right track. However, transitional styling tends to use an equal number of pieces from both in order to create a balanced look overall so that you could tell if it was one infused with the other. It is using things like straight lines that are associated with modern design with neutral colors that ooze warmth – tans, browns, chocolates, and wood.


Strictly Decor

One of the ways in which you can best balance chic and cozy is to determine what are strictly decor items and focusing on your attempts to be stylish here. We’re talking color of the walls, art, wall hangings, lighting fixtures, cushions and anything else that falls within this bell curve. This will then allow you to make the functional aspects of your space focus on comfort – furniture and layout and these kinds of things. Just be wary of trends coming and going with your stylistic choices, so try and stick to more cost-effective options.


Avoid The Outdated

We live in a modern time where we don’t need to put up with eyesores being part of the home. The Stelpro digital home has realized this, and run with it, offering customers the chance to have their needs met but with items they want. Ugly radiators no longer have to be withstood. Instead, you can get underfloor heating or high-end baseboards. The same goes with thermostats and light switches. All of these things have been dreadfully unstylish, traditionally that is. However, what they achieve now is all the comforts of a home but with the chance to at your personal touch here and there.


Be True To You

Both style and comfort are subjective. There is no escaping that fact. What style you’re into may not be to the tastes of everyone else, in the same way, that your new sofa may be the epitome of comfort in your eyes, but unbearable to others. It could be that comfort in your eyes is space, and style is rustic. As such, the only thing that matters is what is stylish and comfortable to you. So, when you go shopping or look at designing a space, do it with one thing in mind: whatever makes you happy. Go with whatever you like and love. Forget everything else.

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