Back to School with Bear Paws + Giveaway

Back to school time is here, and parent’s everywhere are trying to figure out what to pack in their children’s lunch boxes that are school safe (peanut free). There are quite a big variety of snacks to choose from, but with the no-nut policies at schools, we need to be more cautious as to what we pack into our children’s lunches.

Bear Paws is one of our go-to snacks for outings, road trips and to add to the kid’s lunches. They are sure to make everyone smile – especially us mom’s knowing that they are made with real ingredients, no artificial colours, flavours and no preservatives!

We have a few favourite Bear Paws flavours- Banana bread and baked apple are where our favourites till we tried the Bear Paws Soft Granola chocolate chip! 

The Soft Granola Chocolate Chip is oh so good! Jayden is a picky eater and usually won’t touch granola bars. He had absolutely no problem gobbling up one of these and then asking for another. You can bet that these are going into his lunchbox for school!

Safety shouldn’t compromise taste when it comes to school snacking, and as an ideal snack choice, the new Bear Paws Soft Granola Chocolate Chip gives parents ease of mind. A delicious and wholesome peanut-free snack, the Bear Paws Soft Granola Chocolate chip is also made with real milk chocolate and no artificial colours or flavours

   Made with the goodness of whole grains including Canadian oats and Andean quinoa

·       Only 6g of sugar per cookie

·       Trans fat-free

·       Source of iron


With so many different flavours of Bear Paws to choose from,  you are sure to find one that your children will love!

Always look for the peanut free logo when considering new snacks for school lunches. If a product does not have the peanut free logo, it most likely contains peanuts or was made in a factory that does manufacture peanut products.


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Win it!


One Canadian Mom Reviews winner will win 3 boxes of Bear Paws Soft Granola Chocolate Chip!


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Good Luck!


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  1. I add fresh fruit and veggies to my daughter’s lunches for snacks. Also granola bars, cookies, graham crackers, yogurt or a pepperoni stick. She’s a BIG fan of the banana bread Bear Paws and when we host playdates that is the most sought after variety that the kids choose most often. We’re big chocolate lovers too so I know we will love the Bear Paws Soft Granola chocolate chip!

  2. I’m not sure what I’ll be putting in my daughter’s lunch bag for snack! She is just starting Kindergarten on Wednesday. I’m going to hopefully learn over the first couple weeks what she wants for school snacks!

  3. i tell my child to eat her fruit in the morning snack, and if she eats her lunch she can have a dessert such as bear paws. in the afternoon either a yogurt or applesauce

  4. I usually add gold fish crackers and/or fruit snacks. my oldest only does half day since she has therapy in the afternoon so i dont pack TOO much

  5. My son is very picky and only eats the same things lol and Bear Paws are included. Along with pizza goldfish crackers have to be the pizza one , oreo cookies , and brick cheese. Of course some kind of gummy candy .

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