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Algis and his wife Ruta live and work in Vilnius, Lithuania. From the day their fourth child was born, they knew that one of them had to stay at home to look after the children. It took about 4 years and 1 more child before they figured out what they wanted to start a business. Now, with five wonderful children, two dogs and a cat, Algis and Ruta have finally established a wonderful business that they are proud of and that helps support their growing family.

Embossed Rolling Pins

Traditional and optimum size with big surface engraving. The measurements are 15″ (38 cm) with handles, diameter 2.4” (6 cm). Made of beech wood. Precisely laser-engraved, polished by hands and covered with a protective wood conditioner made from organic food-grade oil.

Included are 3 recipes to get well embossed and delicious cookies.

Although the recipes provided seemed great, they did not use standard baking measurements. I even found one of the recipes was lacking measurements altogether. Therefore I set out to find my own recipe.

Almond Cookies

My first attempt was a complete disaster. The dough was utterly too sticky for embossing and you completely lose the design when baking.

I tried cooking the cooking longer to see if the design would darken and be more noticeable, but I simply ended up burning my cookies.

Sugar Cookies

When embossing cookies, flour is your best friend. Do not be afraid to powder your pin and your dough!

My sugar cookie recipe required baking powder. You can still see the design very well, however, it is suggested that you do not add baking powder for better embossing results.

Embossing rolling pins can be a part of your kitchen or engraved keepsakes. They make a unique and touching gift for any person, especially cat lovers.

Perfect for birthdays, house-warming, Christmas, Mother’s Day or special occasions. They can even be given out as wedding favours for bridesmaids, groomsmen or couples.

Baking with an embossing rolling pin can be a fun, especially for kids! You can even find mini versions of each rolling pin in their shop made just for kids, as seen here.

I had a blast making these cookies. I was amazed every single time I rolled that pin on top of my dough. In the end, practice really does make perfect! I didn’t succeed on the first try, but I stuck with it and now I know exactly what to do for my next batch of cookies.


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One Canadian Mom Reviews reader will win an embossing rolling pin of the winners choice!





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  1. I love these, it would want me to make cookies more often and they would also make an awesome pie topping as well, I love the CLOVER KNOT Embossing Rolling Pin, love the design on it, but then they have so many awesome ones that I like!!

  2. It’s so hard to choose! I love the butterflies, the Hawaiian print, the pineapples, snowflakes, Summer Time and Christmas Gifts ones the best. There is one hearts pattern that is a bit fancier than the others – I think I would choose that one.

  3. So may great choices. I would choose the CHRISTMAS GIFTS Rolling pin . Embossing rolling pin with Christmas symbols. Christmas gingerbread cookies. Home Decor.

  4. I absolutely love the cats one in the blog post but just so you know I visited their site I also like the Damask pattern one!!

  5. I need them all! I love the pretty patterns & the Skulls but we have five cats so I’d have to choose a kitty one.
    I’d love to get one with my moms name on it, she’s the pie baker in the family!

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