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Xyngular with Elizabeth

I’ll be honest, I have never heard of this company before, which is odd for someone like me, who is big into the world of direct sales.  I did a bit of research before writing this post and I’ve got to say, the success stories from weight loss to energy, and even just overall health, are astounding.

Xyngular products help combat some of today’s most common health concerns. If you are looking to be more energized, slim down, or simply maintain overall wellness, then Xyngular has the perfect combination of products to help. These products are truly for the rest of us, simple and effective. The best way to try Xyngular products for the first time is by taking advantage of our specially designed kits. Xyngular Kits are simple, complete systems. Each kit includes products that work, easy to follow diet suggestions, and simple exercise options. Don’t wait any longer to start to feel, look, and live better.

I met Elizabeth online (isn’t that how we meet any one now-a-days?) and she told me her story, which I’d like to share with you all.


My Story
Jun 2016

I began my X journey at the end of June 2015. I had reached my “I had it” moment. My daughter was 15 months old and I was wrapping up nursing. I lost the weight after my son using another program. It wasn’t working this time. It just didn’t fit in my Crazy Mom Lifestyle. I knew I needed to try something different. I was doing physical therapy for low back pain as I’d lost all my core strength after the second baby. I was on a continuous regime of ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation. The ibuprofen started causing rebound headaches. I was essentially told to either pick the back pain or headaches.

I really needed an option C. The solution needed to fit in my Crazy Mom Lifestyle as it was not going to change any time soon. I had been watching my friend, Kara, on Facebook for about a year and watching her story of weight loss and keeping it off for over 3 years. She is a single Mom of three kids and her Crazy Mom Lifestyle is even crazier than mine! I was wrapping up nursing and ready to do something about the weight that just kept hanging on.

I called Kara and asked her what she had been doing. I figured why not. What I had been done wasn’t working so continuing fell under the definition of insanity. With the 30 day, empty bottle money back guarantee, I didn’t see any risk. If it didn’t see results in the first few weeks, I could get money back. Plus, I liked the idea of the business. As a Mom who works outside the home, I’ve been considering cutting back on my hours. Having the opportunity to build my own business and replace the income while spending more time with kids was extremely attractive.

To say the least, the program worked! I lost 6.2 lbs in my first 8 days. I lost 25 lbs and over 20 inches in 10 weeks. I’ve kept the weight off for 9 months and it will continue! It is gone forever! The program has taught me how to eat healthier and make smarter choices while running between work, kids, errands, and life. I now love serving other people living Crazy Lifestyles to incorporate healthy eating habits and supplementation to fill nutritional gaps. I’d love to serve you on your health journey whether you are a seasoned athlete looking to improve performance or another Mom living this crazy lifestyle! Let me know how I can serve you at!


I’ve got to say, as much as I dislike these fad direct sales diet companies, this one sounds like it can do something good! I think the fact it hasn’t blown up the internet yet, is in its favour..  Just a wholesome company and their consultants, helping everyday people be generally healthy!

To get in contact with Elizabeth you can go to her Facebook Page

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