Who Has The Keys To Your Home?

What can you do to keep your home safe if your house keys accidentally end up in the wrong hands? That’s a question every three homeowners should consider.

Did you know that every 15 seconds a burglar breaks into a house, apartment or condo? Burglars are often quick to attack a home’s easiest point of entry, and nothing’s easier than unlocking a front door with a set of keys.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent strangers from entering your home–even if they have your key. First, if you lose your keys, call locksmith Ottawa and have them change your locks ASAP and install a deadbolt or other secure locks.

To safeguard your home, as a homeowner you should:
1. Keep keys secured where they won’t be forgotten or left behind – Don’t leave them on the counter at the grocery store while you are checking out.
2. Don’t hide keys in “secret” places outside your home. Burglars are smart and can usually find them. That fake rock beside your steps isn’t fooling anyone.  
3. Never attach your keys to anything that lists your name, address or phone number, and never leave them in a locked (or unlocked) car.
4. Always separate your house keys from your car keys each time you valet your car or drop it off for maintenance. You just never know who will get their hands on them. 
5. Only give your keys to someone you trust and who will watch over them as if they were their own.


Be smart and always keep an eye on who has access and know who you are handing your keys over to

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