What You Should Do After An Automobile Accident

So you’re driving down the street with your family and/or friends and suddenly you and another vehicle hit each other and now you are in a state of panic in the driver seat. Here are a few tips to help you through with your troubling problem.

Stay clam. After an automobile collision, a person can feel multiple amounts of emotions that may affect the way they handle the situation. It is best to calm yourself down by deep breaths or counting to some arbitrary number.

Check for injuries. Depending on the seriousness of the automobile collision, there may be people injured. If it is a minor injury, try to assist the injured person however for more serious injuries, call an ambulance.

Call the police. Once the people are safe call the local police and update them with the current facts. Give them facts and not some ambiguous information such as “I wasn’t speeding” and instead respond with a concise answer like “I was driving at 40 miles per hour”.

Call your insurance agent. The sooner you call your agent the better it is for you. They will give you information that will help you get over this problem and get you back onto your life. Depending on the damage to your vehicle they will advise you to send your vehicle in for auto body repair.

Write everything down. Get the information of anyone directly involved in the accident such as their names, driver license numbers, date of births, addresses. You should also take down the cars’ license number as well as licence plate numbers of any cars nearby that witnessed the accident. 

Don’t sign any document that is unfamiliar. Even the police should be explaining what you are signing as well as your insurance agent and tow driver (if needed).

Call your lawyer. The sooner you get into contact with your lawyer, the better it is for you. They can clarify any legal ramifications relating to your automobile collision so that you may better understand the situation that you are in.

Following a car accident, you should see a doctor if you feel any level of pain and discomfort. It may even be a good idea to get checked out even if you feel fine. Your doctor will be in the best position to determine whether you sustained any serious injuries in the accident.

Finally, ask questions. Though the police, your insurance agent and your lawyer may give you information, they will assume that you will know about everything in-between if you don’t ask any questions. Even if you are remotely confused about something it is better to ask now rather than finding out how it can hurt you later. 

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