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What to do if you are locked out of your car

You park your car at the grocery store, get out, close the door, and turn around just to realize you just locked your keys in your car. What do you do? It happens more often than you think.

In the event that you have locked yourself out of your car, there are a variety of potential solutions which you can try. There may be some options within your car itself, such as unlocking from inside with a spare key or using an electronic unlocking device. If these do not work, however, you will need to find other solutions.

Call a locksmith

One possible way to solve this problem is by calling a locksmith. ILCO keys for locksmiths are tools designed specifically to open car doors without damage, and technicians have all undergone training in order to be able to provide exceptional service to customers.

Call a tow truck

If you have no other options, most towing services provide lock-out services. However, you will likely be charged a fee for this service. Find a local tow truck company and give them a call and see if they offer this service. 

Dial 911

If you have a young child locked in the vehicle that is not old enough to unbuckle themselves and unlock the doors, don’t hesitate to call 911. Many agencies have the tools needed to unlock the door safely, without breaking a window. 

A great alternative is to give someone you trust a spare key, just in case. Do this only with someone you trust 100%. The same goes for house keys, only give to people you trust. 

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