Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean When You Have Pets

As all pet owners will know, keeping a pet-friendly home clean and serene is a non-stop job. It’s a task that never comes to an end, irrespective of how hard you try to stay on top of things.

On the plus side, there are ways and means by which you can at least lighten the load for yourself along the way. You’ll still have to do your bit, but you might not find the whole thing quite as backbreaking or laborious with the following pro tips:

1. Keep Your Pets Clean

By far the most overlooked yet obvious tip of all – a clean home starts with clean pets. If you keep your pets in tip-top condition, they’re far less likely to wreak havoc on your home. For example, simply brushing your dog’s fur on a regular basis could prevent masses of hair from accumulating all over your carpets, your furniture and everywhere else. Just as an occasional shampooing (though not too often) can help bring a breath of fresh air to your interiors.

2. Buy a Better Vacuum Cleaner

Some vacuum cleaners are designed to deal with problematic pet hair, while others are absolutely useless at it. Unless you’re using an appliance in the former of the two brackets, you’re making life harder on yourself than you need to. With a decent vacuum for pet-friendly households, you’ll be cleaning less and doing a much better job when you do so.

3. Consider a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Better yet, you could supplement your existing appliance with an automatic vacuum for pet hair. Robotic vacuum cleaner technology is evolving at an extraordinary pace, making it easier than ever before to keep the entire home clean and sanitary on a 24/7 basis. Again, it’s simply a case of ensuring that the robot vacuum you pick up has been designed with problematic pet hair in mind – not all robotic cleaners are up to the job.

4. Cover or Replace Your Couch

If your couch (and armchairs) are causing you nothing but problems, it could be time to consider swapping them out for an easy-clean option. Or perhaps, investing in a set of easy-clean covers to protect them. Whether it’s a wipe-clean couch or a set of covers that can be removed and machine-washed, it’s a simple yet effective way of keeping things clean and fresh indoors. Always remember that with soft furnishings, vacuuming will only ever get you so far.

5. Clean Your Pet’s Possessions

From toys to beds to leads to harnesses, anything that gets anywhere near your dog will pick up all manner of nastiness along the way. All of which will subsequently be spread all over your home, taking a toll on its hygiene and freshness. This is why it’s a good idea to get into the habit of cleaning and sanitizing your pet’s possessions on a regular basis. Use an approved pet-safe cleaning product to get the job done and swap out anything that’s well and truly past its prime.

6. Tackle Spills and Mess Right Away

The occasional ‘accident’ is inevitable with pets about the place, which in all instances should be tackled as quickly and comprehensively as possible. Again, this is where an approved cleaning product (and supplementary cleaning tools) can prove invaluable. Make the effort to tackle spills and mess the moment they happen to keep things fresh and clean.

7. Embrace the Outdoors

The best air freshener for the home is 100% free of charge and should be embraced to the maximum possible extent. Allowing fresh air to circulate is by far the best way of keeping your interiors fresh – way better and healthier than using chemical-based air fresheners. Even if it’s chilly outdoors, giving your interiors a good blast of fresh air for 15 minutes or so each day really can make all the difference.

8. Share the Responsibility

Last up, keeping a home clean with pets about the place single-handedly simply isn’t an option. Unless you live alone, in which case good luck! Otherwise, it’s essential to get everyone on-board and ensure the entire household is chipping in. Assign responsibilities and ensure everyone knows their duties, in order to lighten the load on yourself.

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