The Secret To A Clean-Seeming Nursery

As any mom knows, the ever-elusive ‘clean nursery’ is a far cry from reality most days. You’re busy enough as it is, without chasing this impossible dream. Yet, you can’t stand walking into a bomb site, and that’s precisely what happens when you enter your kid’s room. 

It doesn’t matter whether they’re fresh from the womb or going on three+, kids have an astounding ability to make a mess. That doesn’t necessarily get easier as they grow but, while a teen’s room may be out of bounds, the nursery is still within your power. And, we might be able to help you master it without driving yourself mad.

While the ‘clean’ nursery is largely a myth, there are steps you can take to make the space seem cleaner than it is, at least on the surface. As well as working wonders for your mental health, that alone could make this a more pleasant place for your little ones to be. The question is, what exactly is the secret of a clean-seeming nursery?

Take the textured route

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Carpets are often the first things to take a hit in any nursery. Whether from throw up, spillages, or simple mucky play, they soon become spotted, scruffy, and generally unpleasant. The solution? Seeking a textured option instead! There are some fantastic textured carpet choices out there, and you should never underestimate the sins they can hide. Stains will be less obvious, that’s for sure, and you can bet that this carpet choice will stay looking fresher for at least a little longer, paintbrushes, babies, and all! 

Go bright or go home

While it’s true that there’s a trend for stripped-back white walls in nurseries right now, this is bad news for all manner of reasons. It might look good on Instagram, but an all-white nursery simply isn’t a practical choice unless you want smears on the paint that you have no way of hiding. By comparison, selecting a bright color is one of the best changes to make for any nursery. As well as being great fun for kids, bright colors hide a whole lot more. With red or even orange walls, it won’t matter if spillages happen up the paintwork. For the most part, you won’t be able to see them anyway!

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Make features out of disasters

You could lay the best nursery foundations possible, but disasters are guaranteed to happen. As such, our last and perhaps most crucial point is to make features of them when they do. This won’t always be possible, of course, but it works out more often than you’d think. Kids drawn on the wall in crayons? No worries, let them use it as their canvas and arrange the furniture to highlight rather than hide? Equally, if your youngster spills their blackcurrant, why not take the chance to rearrange/add a lovely new chair or storage unit? Strange as it seems, embracing disaster rather than resisting, should soon see you with the clean-seeming nursery you’ve been after all along.

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