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Taking Care Of Your Pets Whilst You’re On Vacation

Taking on a pet is a big commitment, and often enough, it’s one that requires our full time and attention – especially if the pet we have is young and new to the home. It’s what keeps us from going out with our friends in the early stages of owning a new puppy, and stops guests from coming round, seeing as your new kitten hasn’t been fully vaccinated yet.

Which is why it’s such a big deal when you do decide to vacation again – after all, you’re probably going to have to leave your four legged fluffy companion, or the bird you’ve got in a cage in the corner, all on their own! So here’s just a couple of things you can do to make sure your pets are being taken care of whilst you’re on vacation.


Find a Retreat for Them

Whether you’ve got a dog or a cat or a rabbit or a cockatoo, you’re probably going to have to find someone to look after them whilst you’re away. Often enough they can’t be left in the house on their own, unless you’ve got a benevolent neighbor you trust who can look in on them daily. And even then, an animal that needs regular stimulation to be happy and healthy will still suffer in some way.

So make sure you’ve got pet sitting and boarding options available. Know where your local kennels are, or ask a friend of yours who loves dogs to take them on for a week or two. Send your cat away to a Camelot Pet Resort Luxury Cat Boarding, seeing as these places like these are specially designed to keep cats of all ages properly stimulated, with plenty of outside time as well. If you’ve got a rabbit, you might even be able to ask your vet to take care of them whilst you’re away.

If You’re Taking Them with You…

Of course, sometimes the length of a vacation demands we take our pets with us. Or if you’re unable to find or afford someone to look after them, they have to tag along too. But this can be very tricky to manage, but it’s not impossible.

First of all, check if your airline allows animals onboard in the cabin with you. Make sure you’ve got vaccination proof for border control when you touch down in another country, and check ahead of time if there’s a ‘quarantine’ period. Then make sure your pet is just fine with going on long car rides, usually of about 3 hours max.

If you’ve not got your own accommodation, find a place to stay that allows pets, ask for a ground floor room if possible. And then, take plenty of stops when you’re travelling around the local sites – this will allow your pet to have plenty of chances to eat and drink, which they’re unlikely to do whilst a car is in motion.

Ultimately, make sure your pet is being taken care of in such unfamiliar times and settings.

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