Stay-At-Home Date Night

It’s 2021 and date night is not like what it used to be. Gone are the times where you would walk into your favourite restaurant or movie theatre for your traditional dinner and a movie date. But instead, you can recreate it right in the comfort of your own home. There is an endless number of things that couples can do around the house together, but today I am giving you one idea that we love.

Check out your favourite streaming service for a new movie or a show you and your partner are interested in seeing. Choose something you both haven’t seen yet.  Or change things up and play a board game! There are tons of fun board games for couples to play together.

Spend the evening whipping up a restaurant-quality meal together in the comfort of your own kitchen. Check out a meal subscription, like Chefs Plate to cook together. Cooking together helps gain confidence in the kitchen and you get to impress each other with your newfound culinary skills. With Chefs Plate you choose from a menu of 19 easy to cook recipes, which means there is a guarantee there will be a meal you will both enjoy. You don’t have to be a master chef to cook these meals as they are created with novice cooks in mind.  

Once you receive your meals, set your date night and let the fun of cooking together begin!  

Set the mood by lighting a few candles, turn on the slow jams you used to dance to and dim the lights. Why not try having a picnic on the floor! Lay down a blanket and some cushions. Light the fireplace or light some candles. Set your dinner and drinks on the floor and enjoy your intimate picnic for two! 

This is just one of many stay-at-home date night ideas.  Take advantage of your bedroom, your kitchen, your backyard, and all the other fantastic parts of your house to have an adventure of love. Be creative!

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