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Never Stop Improving with Lowes this Holiday Season


More than six decades ago, Lowe’s began as a small neighbourhood hardware store. The philosophy was simple: to deliver superior customer service. That first store was a place where customers always felt welcomed, and always found the help they needed.

Since then, Lowes has grown into one of the world’s largest home improvement retailers, becoming a Fortune 500 company with thousands of employees. 

At Lowes, you’ll find thousands of products covering every area of home improvement, from the top brands you know and trust. With their Everyday Low Prices, you can have the confidence that you’re getting the best value without having to wait for a sale.


My Lowes Bathroom Project

One afternoon while soaking in my tub, I decided that I had had enough with my bathroom. The ceiling paint was scaling, there was mould all up and down my shower walls, not to mention that my bath was so small, it barely covered half of my body under water. 

I was overly determined to get this done. The next morning I started tearing down the drywall and quickly noticed that I had gotten myself into a situation that I couldn’t handle on my own. I had never renovated a bathroom before, what the heck was I thinking. 

Well, three of my walls were down to the studs. I didn’t have thousands of dollars to invest into this project, therefore calling a professional contractor was out of question. It was time to put my big girl panties on and do some research!

After watching what felt like 1,000 how-to bathroom renovation youtube videos, I confidently made my way to Lowes. The employees were incredible! They helped me find every item on my list down to “that thingy for the thing that helps me scrape the other thing” you know what I’m talking about, right?

I must say, it wasn’t easy. I most definitely did not save time, but the amout of money I saved is unbelievable.

There was just one thing missing to complete my bathroom renovation… a new shower head!

Spectra eTouch 4-Function Shower Head



Technology and flexibility bring showering perfection with the Spectra eTouch 4-Function shower head from American Standard. This amazing shower head has touch-control that allows you to easily switch between different spray patterns throughout your shower by touching anywhere on the outer ring of your shower head. In addition to the touch control on the shower head itself, a convenient wall-mounted remote can be placed anywhere in your shower, allowing you to change spray patterns at the touch of a button. With four separate spray patterns including Drench, Sensitive, Jet, and Massage, it’s easy to find a spray pattern to fit your needs. 



  • Easy-to-use eTouch wall-mounted remote allows you to change the spray pattern with the touch of a button. 
  • Change the spray pattern of your shower head with a simple touch of the edge of your Spectra eTouch shower head.
  • 4-Function shower head with different spray patterns to fit a variety of needs.
  • Drench provides a soaking spray with full body coverage.
  • Sensitive is a fine spray that is soft and gentle on the skin.
  • Jet provides a targeted spray.
  • Massage brings a pulsating spray to help you unwind and relax.
  • Metal ball joint.
  • A flow rate of 1.8 gpm helps to save water.

If you’d like to learn more about the Spectra eTouch shower head or any other Lowes products, head over to their Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 

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