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Imaginext Mega Apatosaurus Review

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The prefect toy for any Dino loving child.

The Mega Apatosaurus takes the Dino-Tech line to a whole new level with motorized action, sound effects, armor transformation, and removable gear for classic play! Push down on the rocker button the Apatosaurus comes to life with a roar as it steps into action with sound effects. The dinosaur will pause after a few steps as his armor extends into attack mode while you hear transformation sound effects. The techy gear can be removed from the Mega Apatosaurus for classic play.

The Mega Apatosaurus will sure make any child smile.  With features like transforming  armor and cannons that fire at the press of a button, what child wouldn’t love that!

The Mega Apatosaurus has a rotating head, movable jaw and tail and is motorized,press the button and he starts stomping away and roar.  It also has removable gear, so your child can enjoy classic dino play, pop-up armor, two projectiles, and an Imaginext figure with armor that can sit on the dino’s back when its time for battle! 

After a few steps, it will go into battle mode. the armor will pop open with sounds. 
Two projectiles will automatically fire while the cannon spins! And, when kids turn the figure on the disk, spikes pop out of the armor. HOW COOL IS THAT! 

I really love that it is durable, my kids are a little rough with toys and I know this will last because of the durability and made very well. 

Ages 3-8 years | MSRP $49.99 | Walmart, Toys R’Us, Sears, Target 

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