House Of Horrors? Learn To Love Your Home

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We all dream of moving into our perfect home, but for a lot of people that isn’t the case. Where we live is usually a matter of choice, but we also face a whole heap of constraints –  from budgets falling far short of ideal, to having to be in a specific location for work or family reasons, through to the choice of home we dream of simply not being available for sale. Reality meets dreamland quite harshly in these cases, and you can find yourself struggling to love the home that you’re in. Whether it’s dated decor in desperate need of a remodel, or a kitchen that really needs some appliance repair, it may be that the space you have simply doesn’t meet your needs or your taste. However, there are some simple tricks you can try to turn your house of horrors into a home sweet home that maybe – just maybe – you can learn to love.

Hide The Bits That Bother You

Most homes contain ugly aspects that we don’t like and which may be getting you down. However, it’s easy to find a fix for most domestic issues that can help to mask the problem and help you to feel better about your home. For example, ugly utility meters at the front of a property can be screened with pretty trellising covered with climbing plants, such as honeysuckle or wisteria. A less than appealing view from any room can be hidden without compromising on light with opaque film that covers your window and is easy to install or with day-and-night blinds or wooden plantation shutters. And it’s amazing how many things can be made to look so much better with a simple coat of paint, such as a dark hallway or dingy pebble dash garage. 

Corrall That Clutter

Often our home environments are made unnecessarily worse simply because we have failed to control the clutter, especially if you have kids who seem to make a tornado of chaos wherever they go. Get back on top by implementing some stylish storage solutions. Adding a tray for keys and pocket change, a basket for shoes and some hooks for coats and umbrellas can take your hallway from chaotic to calm. In family rooms and other shared function areas, look for furniture which does double-duty, such as a stylish storage ottoman or a comfy corner sofa with storage in the base. If you have awkwardly shaped corners that waste space, you could even consider hiring a carpenter to build some storage into odd alcoves. Think outside the box and you can find some really elegant storage solutions that will have your home looking much more streamlined.

Add Some Detail

An impactful way to switch up your house if you don’t have the budget for a remodel is simply buying in some new soft furnishings. Rich, textured throw pillows or blankets make a space extra snuggly and are easy to update without spending a fortune. Likewise, updating your lighting scheme can have a transformative effect – adding lamps or a dimmer switch will make a space super cosy, while a statement pendant light can make a huge impact and change the entire mood of a room.

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