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Gel Moment with Jamie Schreck



About the Company : 

GelMoment is a direct sales company that specializes in easy and fast gel nails, at home! 
They sell all the tools needed to give yourself (and your friends!) super fast manicures and pedicures.   The formula of the gel polish is safe on children, and because it cures in under 60 seconds, it’s perfect for little hands and feet that are squirming to get away to play.

About the items I Received :

After browsing Jamie’s link to her Gel Moment website, I chose the colour I wanted.  Jamie also sent me a LED lamp that cures the gel polish.  

I chose the colour “Lady in a Dress”


For some reason, I had said I wanted this colour, although I had my eye on another colour, so when I got this one, I was quite surprised to see the orange.   I guess I hadn’t had my coffee yet.  

I was beyond excited to try Gel Moment, as i’m a huge fan of nail polish.  I had no idea what to expect, because I had never done any gel type nails at home.  Would it be hard and cure properly? Would it just be glorified nail polish? Is it even that special?  So many questions.  


The lamp only allows you to cure two nails at a time.  I was sure this would take forever so I got comfy, and started the process.  

When you put the gel polish on your two first nails, you press the G button on the lamp, and it turns on for 60 seconds.   

I was amazed to find, after 60 seconds of the lamp being on, my nails were rock hard, cured, and non-dentable.  You know what I mean by that,  ladies.  Where your nails are dry, but you can still dent them if you hit them hard enough?  Yeah, I scratched my Gel Moment nails, hit them, bit them… absolutely NO dent.   I was amazed. So, 60 seconds for 2 nails is all it took.  5 minutes all together, and we’ll add some prep time (you have to clean your nails with alcohol first, and push back your cuticles..  10 minutes and your nails are perfect and you’re ready to go.   Which is actually amazing timing, because when I do my nails with regular polish, i’m out of commission for at least an hour.

The gel polish lasted about a week on my nails, which is pretty decent in my opinion.   I’m very satisfied with the outcome, and can’t wait to purchase more colours!

To get your own Gel nails at home, contact Jamie!

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