Dr Teal’s – Shea Butter & Almond Oil Collection


Dr Teal’s mineral-enriched therapies and treatments are infused with essential oils that relax, replenish and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Therefore, slow down, take a moment, and allow the restorative effects of Dr Teal’s help create a stronger you.


Dr Teal’s Shea Butter & Almond Epsom Salt



Dr Teal’s Soaking Solution combines Pure Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate USP) with Shea Butter & Almond Oil extracts to help ease sore, achy muscles while moisturizing the skin. This extra rich skin caring formula has added natural essential oils, known for their ability to help soothe the senses, clear the mind and help provide relief from stress.

  • Pure Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate USP)
  • Includes extra rich and hydrating Shea Butter and renewing Sandalwood Essential Oil. 
  • Almond oil relieves and softens dry skin.


Instructions: Pour at least 2 cups of Dr Teal’s Epsom Salt under warm, running bath water. Soak for 20 minutes for relief of sore muscles.



Dr Teal’s Shea Butter & Almond Foaming Bath


Dr Teal’s Foaming Bath transforms an ordinary bath into a moment to unwind from the day by combining Pure Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate USP) and beneficial essential oils to soothe the senses, relax tense muscles and help provide relief from stress. Relieve and soften dry skin with the natural hydrating power of Shea Butter & Almond Oil while relaxing in a warm bath. Natural essential oils are known for their ability to help soothe the skin and clear the mind.
  • Pure Epsom Salt to help ease muscle aches and soreness.
  • Shea Butter & Almond Oil softens and smooths dry skin while Sandalwood Essential oil renews and nourishes skin.
  • Long lasting bubbles gently cleanse.


Instructions: Pour a generous amount of Dr Teal’s Foaming Bath under warm, running water for a relaxing bubble bath experience.


I must say, this is by far my favorite collection from Dr Teal’s. The smell is wonderful, the pain relief is unbelievable and both products leave your skin moisturized, you really can’t ask for better. 


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