The Dangers Of Your Family Dog Having Fleas

Owning a family pet is a brilliant way to tie the family together. Siblings might have petty squabbles and arguments, and sometimes you might be annoyed with your child for throwing a house party while you were on a business trip. For the most part, though, everyone in your family, no matter the current fight being had, can bond over the love of their pets. Pets are the glue that keeps the family unit complete and whole and provides unyielding love to you as a comfort in the times you need it most.

It’s your responsibility to ensure that your dog is treated well and looked after as such. Luckily, while dogs do require a handful of hygienic methods of maintenance to keep them happy and healthy, providing these for your pooch has never been easier. Despite this ease, you do still need to hold an observant eye.

One of the most insidious enemies of your dog is fleas. Your dog can pick fleas up from anywhere, but it’s mostly from other dogs they meet in public that can pass them along easiest. It’s not difficult to understand why. Dogs are intrinsically physically social creatures, and will usually get excited and run towards another dog during their public walks. Just a quick brush of dog coats is enough to transfer fleas. Flea medication for dogs is so important because it’s not a matter of if your dog contracts fleas, it’s when. Unfortunately, a cure is much easier than preventing in this instance, lest you prevent your dog from living a real life outdoors. For a dog to have fleas is not uncommon, but even saying that, managing the symptoms and preventing this is as simple as checking out a site like and seeing what they have to offer for your pets. Keeping your pet comfortable in a situation like this is key.

Here are some of the dangers of fleas, and why you should be vigilant against them.

Itching & Bites

A flea-ridden dog is a dog with very flaky, dry, and bitten skin. This can feel horrible for your dog, and you’ll often catch them scratching almost every few minutes. The fleas will bite and irritate your dog’s skin, and cause your dog to scratch that skin to relieve the itch. As a consequence, your dog could pick up a skin infection due to bacteria building up and penetrating the blood, which could be disastrous for the proper health of your dog. A flea case not properly taken care of will result in a plentiful amount of vet visits to relieve this issue. Reduce this necessity and care for your dog by using CBD Pet Shampoo when it’s bath time. This soothes the skin and relieves dry/itchy skin. Following this, applying flea medication immediately after you identify your dog has this problem will make all the difference to the comfort of your dog.


If your dog has fleas, they’re likely to swallow one when licking his skin to help reduce the irritation. This can lead to a tapeworm, which is a parasite that lives in your pets intestinal tract, and hurt their ability to digest food correctly. You’ll often be able to identify a tapeworm by the stool sample. It’s not pleasant to witness, to say the least, but it’s important you know the warning signs to prevent further illness or disease from occurring.

Not Limited To Dogs

That’s right; you too can catch fleas. It’s arguably easier to deal with due to you having less hair than a dog (hopefully!) so if you self-diagnose with fleas, a simple hair medicine will be enough and should be solved soon. However, it’s not pleasant for the time in which you’re affected, and you too can be affected with the dreaded tapeworm, which can be disgusting to think about.

Hygiene should always be a paramount priority, and this goes tenfold if you have a family. Look in those places likely to offend first, such as the dog who rolls around in the garden outside frequently that you love so much. You’ll be safer, less illness prone, and happier because of it.

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