Get a good nights rest with Douglas Mattress

August 9, 2017

If you wake up in the morning feeling tired and sore, the culprit may be your mattress. Many people are unaware that their mattress doesn’t provide enough support, doing you more harm than good. My daughter would toss and turn most nights and would complain every single morning that she was extremely tired and had a sore back.  We didn’t know it then, but her mattress was the reason behind her restless…


Dirt Devil FlipOut

August 4, 2017

It all started at a backyard garage in Cleveland, Ohio. Phillip A. Geier created one of the world’s first vacuum cleaner companies, the P. A. Geier Company in 1905.  In 1953, P.A. Geier was bought up by the Walter E. Schott Organization. The Schotts renamed the company Royal Appliance Manufacturing. But they weren’t absolutely committed and decided to dissolve Royal just as soon as they got it. A group of…


Breville – The Steam Zone

July 24, 2017

A powerful steamer designed to cook food in the highly efficient steam zone for quickest heat transfer. Designed in a unique shape for whole fish steaming.  Prepare one dish on the large steaming tray or prepare two different foods that require different steaming time in two separate steaming baskets with a synchronised finish setting. Separate cooking vessels eliminates cross contamination of flavors. Product Features: Rapid start 30 second turbo steam…


Pet House Candles – One Fur All

July 18, 2017

Robert and David have been friends and pet lovers since middle school. After high school, they went in some different directions. Then one day, Robert and David’s bumped into each other again. They got to talking about a lot of things, and then the conversation turned to, of all things, candles. In particular, candles for pet owners.  Candles these days weren’t safe for dogs and cats (or people) as they were…