What is Spastic Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a common term that covers a range of issues relating to abnormal brain development, affecting motor development and resulting in permanent issues with movement. Spastic cerebral palsy is the most common type of cerebral palsy, characterised by stiff muscles and jarring movements.     Spasticity – what is the cause?   The cause of spasticity is damage to a specific area – or cross section – of the…

June 1, 2020

Great Outdoors Insect Repellent

August 31, 2019

  The West Nile Virus is spreading across North America, but you can help protect yourself and your customers from the mosquitoes that transmit the West Nile Virus and other diseases, with Watkins Insect Repellents.     According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), DEET is the most effective repellent for protection against the West Nile Virus. DEET does not kill mosquitoes, it repels them, making the person unattractive…


Lypsyl – Extreme Cold Sore Relief

May 3, 2019

  The secret behind Lypsyl is pure Swedish beeswax, ultra light to spread evenly and penetrate deeply, for unsurpassed moisturizing and protection. The innovative packaging is uniquely designed for quick and easy application — at home, on the go, anywhere! Their brand originated in Sweden over 100 years ago. Today’s Lypsyl has been reformulated with pure Swedish beeswax and an advanced blend of natural botanicals, ultra-rich moisturizers, and therapeutic ingredients….


5 Reasons an Indwelling Catheter is Right For You

If some sort of medical condition requires you to have a catheter, there’s a good chance that your doctor will want to talk with you about indwelling catheters. As the name implies, the catheter proper is inserted into the body. A line connects it with a bag that is strapped to your thigh or leg and can be easily exchange or emptied when the need arises. Why does your doctor…

February 7, 2019

Common Dental Health Mistakes That All Parents Need To Avoid

November 14, 2017

We all want our children to grow up strong, healthy and happy and nowhere is this better exemplified than in the field of tooth care. Think of it. We spend hours by the sink night after night coaching our kids on how to brush their teeth correctly, how to floss and the importance of mouthwash. We rigorously check their diets to ensure that they are conducive to dental health as…


MIU COLOR Holiday Must-haves + Giveaway

November 2, 2017

Introducing MIU COLOR, where everything they do is inspired by you and made by MIU! They are a global retailer of premium home and personal goods founded in San Jose, CA in 2009. Their product lines range from home décor and office supplies to kitchen appliances and outdoors/travel accessories. They are passionate about making your life easier, healthier, and just plain better. Whether you’re grinding at work, relaxing at home,…


Goddess Garden Organics

  The roots of Goddess Garden go far beyond ourNova grew up in Oregon and the deep woods of British Columbia, and Paul in rural Oregon. During their childhood, they both became “early environmentalists” and developed an understanding of the power of nature and a love and appreciation for the great outdoors. Years later, after careers in corporate America, Nova and Paul became more keenly aware of the need for…

July 6, 2017

Chin hairs – Not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin

May 25, 2017

Ladies, have you felt something wiry and strange when rubbing your chin?  You go to look at what it is in the mirror and there it is!  A BIG thick whisker staring back at you!  At first, you think it’s just a stray hair that managed to get on your chin, so you start swiping at your face like there’s a bug or something – trying to remove that hair. But…


How to Bring Back Bedroom Intimacy

February 7, 2017

Your husband works long hours, you’re busy running around with the kids, after school activities, etc.. and by the time bedtime comes around you’re exhausted, and your pillow is calling your name.  I get it; you’re a mom with a busy schedule and sex is the last thing on your mind. It’s time to bring back intimacy in the bedroom. If there is Mom porn streaming for free at maturepornvideos…


Migraine Life

September 18, 2016

If you suffer from migraines you know the daily struggle dealing with them is.  Whether it’s nursing a migraine, or avoiding triggers – it consumes you.   If you have never had a migraine in your life,  read on.  I want this article to explain what life is like when headaches turn into debilitating impairment.    What are symptoms of a migraine?  Pain in your head,  like a headache but…