Avoiding DIY Disasters

Some of us are lucky enough to be completely practical and turn our hands to any kind of DIY problem. We can change the washer on a tap and stop it leaking, fix up a broken fence panel or mend a creaking floorboard with no dramas. For the rest of us, when something goes wrong in the home, we need the help of a professional. The worry we all have…

November 12, 2019

Benefits Of Commercial Stainless Steel Sinks

November 11, 2019

  When it comes to furnishing your home; one thing which you have to pay a substantial amount of attention to is hygiene. A lot of thought and contemplation should be given to the bathroom area and other applicable elements, such as in the kitchen.  One component which every home needs is a sink, and there are lots of different sinks available on the internet for you to choose from….


The National Women’s Show 2019

November 5, 2019

The National Women’s Show: The Ultimate Girls Day Out The National Women’s Show is coming to Toronto at The Metro Toronto Convention Centre on November 15, 16 and 17th, 2019. Save the dates! You and your besties will have a great time shopping ’til you drop, sampling food, getting a free mini makeover and so much more!


Mom Life: Solving Household And Financial Problems The Only Way You Know How

November 4, 2019

There is no denying that mom life is one thing that consumes you. When you just have to think about yourself, or even when you start to live with your partner, life can seem tough and chaotic then, right? You have your bills to pay, you have your home to keep and you also have a potential career to focus on. But when your relationship starts to progress and you…


6 Signs You’ve Made It To Adulthood

October 15, 2019

When you are a kid, everyone tells you that you should stop wishing to grow up. No one believes the grown ups who say this, because we all can’t wait to grow up a little and do things without rules. It’s not until you’re a grown up, though, that you realize that there are more rules as an adult than there ever was as a child. You’ve probably noticed that…


What Do You Envision When You Think Of Your Dream Home?

October 1, 2019

We all like to have a think about our dream home from time to time. When you first move into yours, you will most likely have thought about how lucky you are to have such a home, and be able to live in your own. You might have thought about the potential it has, and how you’re going to fill it with absolutely everything you love. Then as you start…


Things That Drive You Mad During Snowfall

Everybody loves snow when they’re young. Throwing snowballs and testing out your dodgeball skills at the same time, is harmless fun. Snowball fights can be incredibly memorable for children too, as it’s one of the best games you can play when you’re that age. And yet when you’re older and you have bills to pay, suddenly that glorious fluffy white stuff is no longer so fun. Well at times it…

September 3, 2019

Great Outdoors Insect Repellent

August 31, 2019

  The West Nile Virus is spreading across North America, but you can help protect yourself and your customers from the mosquitoes that transmit the West Nile Virus and other diseases, with Watkins Insect Repellents.     According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), DEET is the most effective repellent for protection against the West Nile Virus. DEET does not kill mosquitoes, it repels them, making the person unattractive…


Creating More Storage Space at Home

August 23, 2019

In most homes, storage space is something that is at a premium. It isn’t likely that you have heard many people complain about having too many cupboards or a closet that is too huge, right? So that is something that is important to look at, and something that you can do with the spaces that you already have. So here are some ideas to give you some inspiration if you’re…


A More Applied Clean

You don’t need us to tell you that cleaning is vital. Just the idea of leaving muck to build is enough to give most of us uncomfortable. As such, you probably dedicate at least one day a week to this task.  In our general weekly effort to spruce up, though, many of us fail to address cleaning on certain things, namely our appliances. In reality, not including these in your…

August 21, 2019