Calculating Online Slot Probabilities

Math is a major part of our lives and if you gamble, it is also a major part of your leisure time too. The gambling world is full of mathematical equations and possibilities that punters have to negotiate and calculate on a daily basis. Some forms of gambling have odds that are straightforward to calculate, whilst others are more complex. To calculate the basics of your winning chances whilst spinning the reels can be quite easy, however, modern slots throw in a few curve balls that can complicate matters considerably – click to visit

Factors To Consider 

The earliest slot machines had fewer reels and symbols and working out the odds of a win was far easier than it is now with digital slots. Before you even factor in the symbol count and number of reels, you have to factor in the Random Number Generator or RNG. This adds a huge slice of unpredictability into the equation. An RNG is an algorithm that is used by casinos to randomly generate combinations of winning or losing spins. It is an actual microchip that constantly churns out randomly created number sequences that generate spins both good and bad. Calculating the odds of winning on slots machines usually involves dividing the number of winning combinations by the number of possible combinations available, this is without the consideration of RNGs. Slot manufacturers have to follow certain production specifics and rules when they produce slots and the finished article has to be tried and tested by independent organizations to ensure that rules have been implemented. The main reasons for this is that slots have to be considered fair with the house only receiving a slight house edge over the punter and the punter has a fair chance of winning some of their stake back. Slots producers do not have the freedom to set their own RTPs on games and certain laws must be met when it comes to returning money to punters. 

RTP Explained 

The RTP or Return To Player percentage is another element that needs to be considered when calculating online slot probabilities as some slots have higher RTPs than others. The RTP is simply the amount of money that is returned to the player from their staking money. This can work for or against the punter as punters can win more often to meet the RTP, or big wins can be limited to not breach the RTP level. 

Megaways Slots 

Early slots had 3 reels with up to ten different symbols on each. The total number of combinations was 10x 10x 10 which equals 1000. Now there are slots with five reels and 30 or more symbols on the reels. This as you can imagine increases the combinations considerably. Now we have Megaways slots too, with ever changing numbers of paylines and symbols on each reel. Some have 6 reels and up to 117,649 ways to win and huge numbers of other possible probabilities, making it much harder to calculate. It does make it harder to win too, but some wins can be much more rewarding than standard slots.

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