Avoiding DIY Disasters

Some of us are lucky enough to be completely practical and turn our hands to any kind of DIY problem. We can change the washer on a tap and stop it leaking, fix up a broken fence panel or mend a creaking floorboard with no dramas.

For the rest of us, when something goes wrong in the home, we need the help of a professional. The worry we all have though is getting overcharged for the work or hiring someone who isn’t capable or professional. When you need help in the home, how will you decide which plumber or electrician to call? In this blog we take a look at three things you need to look for when hiring an outside professional.

Shop Around

Unless you’ve got water pouring through the ceiling, you’ll want to shop around and get several quotes. Three is usually enough and will provide you with a middle price that can be used to compare the others against.

Where do you start? Word of mouth is always your best bet. Some of the very best contractors won’t need to advertise as their happy customers do the job for them. Talk to friends or neighbours and find out if they have any recommendations for you, such as DrainWorks Plumbing.

Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions and if you do favour one contractor who comes in at a higher quote there’s no harm asking if they’ll match the other’s price.


Your friend’s husband might be a dab hand at DIY but if you’re having problems with your electrics or your gas, then you need someone who really knows their stuff. More than that, you want someone who is professionally qualified and has all the relevant certificates.

Anyone working with either gas or electricity will have safety certificates that they usually have to have renewed on an annual basis. Make sure your contractor’s are up to date as that will cover you in the event of any claims on your insurance.

You might also want to check that they have the relevant insurance to cover them in the event of something going wrong.


Even a small company will probably have an online presence and this is the first place you can go to check your plumber or electrician’s experience and their reviews. Start here for some background research before you invite them round to quote for the work.

Choosing a contractor can feel like you’re placing their life in their hands. You’re looking for quality work without it costing the earth. If you’re in no rush then take your time researching and doing quotes. The most important part of your decision making is knowing that they are fully qualified and up to date with the accreditations. Always check this element out before appointing anyone.

You may not be the best at DIY but you’ll find someone who is with some careful searching around. Start today and get your home on the mend.

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